Under a microscope

armsakimbo.jpgDo you know that feeling you get when a teacher stares at you? Just out of nowhere- you might be chatting with your friends, or doing your work, or staring into space- there she is standing there looking at you expectantly, enquiringly, with just a hint of accusation in her gaze. And you wonder what it is you are doing wrong. You check your skirt- not too short. You check your nails- well, could be shorter, but that can’t be it because how can she possibly see them from where she’s standing? You check the people around you- everyone seems normal- no one’s suddenly grown a second head. You feel silly for acting all guilty, but that look declares your culpability for all to see. The only problem is, you have no idea what it is you are supposed to have done!

I have news for you. It happens to teachers too. I know this because it happened to me today while I was invigilating in 3E6. I’m still trying to make sense of it!microscope.jpg


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