Favourite colours

purplepink1.jpgDo you have a favourite colour?

Ever since I was a child, purple was a colour that never failed to lift my spirits. And not just any purple, but a particularly vibrant shade of violet.


Later on my love of the colour broadened to include lilac and lavender. Just the words used to send a warm feeling spreading all over me.


Everything I owned was purple. When I got married and had my own house, I wanted the kitchen cabinets to be purple. That was when my husband voiced his first protest against the ‘purplization’ of his life. “Nevermore!” he quoth, echoing the Raven in Edgar Allen Poe’s poem.


So we got the kitchen done in blue instead. To my mind, that was just a poor substitute! But I got my revenge with a purple rice cooker, purple apron, purple place mats, purple napkins, purple hand soap… and that’s not even including the rest of the house. Can you imagine how much scope for purple there was in the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room? Forgeddaboutit!


Now, though, I seem to be developing a predilection for pink. I’m not sure why, but I think it may have something to do with the fact that as my kids grow up and don’t need my physical presence quite so much anymore, I have discovered a latent femininity that is only now rearing its pretty head! My kids tease me about suddenly being so ‘girly’ and my husband is thrilled that he has been released from the purple prison that ruled his life for so many years. So now he is the one who buys me pink stuff! And I love it!


Lest you think I am hopelessly materialistic, let me just add that I do not always have to possess items that are pink or purple to be happy. Just looking at these colours- whether they are on flowers, in the sky or in a painting on the wall somewhere- makes my heart leap up and puts a smile on my face.


4 thoughts on “Favourite colours

  1. Hi Mrs V,

    I think we have the same sentiments on purple and pink colours.

    Purple gives a very soothing to eyes feeling and it represents as a ‘loyal’ colour. Pink is more suitable as a ‘feminine’ colour and both blend very well together and match easily with most colours.

    I have my flat painted mostly in purple and white pink, with exceptance of my kitchen and two other common rooms. I have also been know to love purple and pink clothings and accessories, as they can really enhance my looks.

    Lets have more discussion on our favourite colour one of these days when we meet!

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