Yesterday my son Rishi wanted me to play hide and seek with him. At first I was very reluctant- I had just come back from school, my back was aching from all the standing, my throat was sore from all the teaching, and I had a pile of marking to do. “But you never play with me anymore,” he pleaded. That did it. His words tugged at my heartstrings and I could not disappoint him. To understand the pull his words had on me you should know that for the last eleven years, while I was at home looking after my children, I was their constant playmate, and I know that they have been feeling my absence this year.

So anyway, I agreed to play hide and seek. You would not believe the fun we had! I crawled under the bed, crouched in the cupboard, hid behind the door- all this while trying not to giggle, because that would give away my hiding place. But the giggles were hard to stop, I can tell you, because trying to stay silent while someone is looking for you is one of the hardest things in the world to do.

It brought back memories of when my son was younger. He would hide, and then, when I said, “Rishi! Where are you?” back would come the reply, “Here I am, Amma, in the kitchen.” This was when he was about 3. Of course things have changed since then, and he is now a really good hider (is that what it’s called?). He even hid in an empty suitcase- you can imagine how hard it was to find him!

Anyway, the result was that after one hour of counting and seeking and hiding and giggling, I felt 10 years younger. I think I will patent this, and call it play therapy!

Actually I get very good practice for hide and seek with all of you. Just think of what happens when the due date for an assignment comes along…


6 thoughts on “Playtime

  1. I wish we could- it would be a riot! Unfortuately, there are not too many places to hide in a classroom. Maybe if we used the whole school….

  2. I wish! He is much better than I am, because he is so much smaller. Sigh! I still remember all the weird nooks and crannies I used to squeeze into when I was a little girl. Now I am the first one to be found! Childhood is a crazy time, isn’t it? You enjoy it so intensely and then suddenly one day- poof!- it’s gone, and you never get it back again.

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