A warm welcome…


A warm welcome to 3N1 and 3N2. I am proud to include them in my circle of friends. I met both these classes today, and I found them to be warm and responsive. Mr Terence Goh, their usual teacher, has to be away for a while (when I find out why I will fill it in here), so I am now their English teacher. I must say, it is quite a challenge to take over a class so near to the end of the year, but my hope is that I can do a good job getting them ready for their exams. I now officially teach the whole of the Sec 3 level, with the exception of 3T1. So if I appear a bit spaced out when I come to class, give me a few minutes to switch gear. One burning question plagues me- how will I ever remember everyone’s name?! Suggestions PLEASE!!

For my first lesson with them we did the story building game. Their stories will be posted here by tomorrow- I am writing this post from home, and their stories are on my computer in school.

Welcome aboard, 3N1 and 3N2. You are ‘N’ telligent, and never forget it!


4 thoughts on “A warm welcome…

  1. hi i am jie wei from 3n2, the african americia boy which is not true ,er i think you take both class name list then you can manage to remember all like 10 ppl name everyday? … that all ,see ya…. i saw your blog long time ago and wonder who you are… now i know that great,i think you are the best el teacher i ever have.that all ,
    sign off,
    jie wei
    sept 12,2007,4.51pm

  2. That is a very good idea, Jie Wei. Thanks for the suggestion. So now for the next lesson, there will be ten people I call by name and another 35 whom I will address by their location or appearance- “Could the gentleman in the far right corner with the red spectacle frames please wake up?” Keep visiting and commenting, ok?

  3. I believe there are many ways to remember names
    1. Make a link between their appearance and their names. The more creative you are, the more easily you can remember the link, and thus remember their names.
    2.I do remember a teacher talking about taking photos of everyone and hanging them at home(throw darts at the photos if they don’t hand in their homework)
    3.Make a sitting plan(I don’t know whether they shift their seats around…)

    Three is the magic number so i will stop here.

    I was kidding.

    4.Get their class photos.The photos (formal ones) will have the names of the people.Just spot the faces and check the list at the bottom of the photo.

    That is the most I could squeeze out of my brain for now.Hopefully,they would be of help

  4. It’s interesting that no girls responded on this one. I think it’s because girls recognize a good whine when they see one. Guys, on the other hand, are wired to search for solutions the moment they see a problem.

    Seriously though, these are very good suggestions! And next year when I meet a whole new bunch of students, I am going to use the photo idea, though I won’t use the darts! Hey! I’m a nice person.

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