The difference between a cheer and a jeer


Do you know the difference between a cheer and a jeer? It is not the actual sound that is important, but the effect it has on the people around you. When you cheer for someone, you encourage that person. You make him feel good. When you jeer, on the other hand, you are purposely trying to put him down. To make him feel discouraged. If you’d like to know how this makes people feel, try imagining yourself doing something that is important to you. It can be a race, a competition, a basketball game. The crowd is cheering for you. You feel like you are on top of the world. The other side has its own supporters cheering their team on. But that’s okay. Everyone has the right to cheer for whomever they want to.

Now imagine that the other side is jeering you as you line up that perfect shot. Do you feel good now? I’m guessing you don’t. It’s not so nice when it’s happening to you, is it?

This message was brought to you by Mrs V’s Social Education Service,Ā the main objective of which is to fill in the gaps in your upbringing. It goes out specially to the charming boys of 3E4. Thank you for making my day.


7 thoughts on “The difference between a cheer and a jeer

  1. Hey, the CHARMING AND HANDSOME boys of 3e4 shouldn’t say your nice Mrs V is very Sacastic ok…. This cheer and jeer message is very well written. This is the sort of thing which happens in real life and it does affect one’s emotion and self confidence.

    Basketball is one good example Mrs V has brought up because she knows you boys love this sport so much! Hope you get the idea…. šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for your support, Veniz! Don’t worry- these are really good boys at heart, and each of them is special in his own way. It is good for them to know, though, that their seniors are keeping an eye on them!

    Okay, Kiat Hwee, I agree you are charming. But sexy? Hmmm….

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