Reunion with ex-students


You know who these delightful young people are? They are my students from 13 years ago. This was my first form class ever, and I enjoyed every minute with them. Sure, there were those crazy moments when I wondered if they were ever going to grow up, but you know what? They did! And they did it with style. I am SO proud of them. They are responsible adults now, who are very aware that they need to look after not only themselves, but the people around them as well. Some are married, some even have children. And it warms my heart that I was lucky enough to have been a part of their lives, for however short a time. We met for dinner last night at Annalakshmi restaurant in Chinatown Point. And that in itself says something about them. They chose that restaurant because they believed that it would be best for me. I was very touched, and I can’t wait to meet them again.


6 thoughts on “Reunion with ex-students

  1. Wow I did not see that one coming. Ok here’s the deal. I come from a background that requires me to be vegetarian. In fact I grew up in a strictly non-meat household. But my father used to get us to eat meat once in a while when we went out because he felt that if we did not learn to eat a wide variety of food, we would face a lot of trouble later in life, and cause a lot of trouble for other people as well. So yes, I did used to eat meat once in a while- my favourite was Hainanese Chicken Rice! But when I was 18 I went to a friend’s birthday party, where they served suckling pig. I was horrified when I found out what that was and why it was called that. So I went cold turkey- just stopped eating any meat at all.

    Then about two years ago my kids started eating meat and their food looked so delicious that I couldn’t resist. Although I did not eat as much of it as they did, and I still preferred vegetarian food, I admit to enjoying some of my old favourites.

    So the burning question is- what’s my status now? Well, I am back to good old vegetarianism. I feel healthier and less guilty, both in terms of my religious beliefs as well as my humanitarian principles. My house is, always has been, and always will be, a meat-free zone. Would I eat meat if there was really no other choice? Well yes, I would. But as long as I do have a choice, I go the way of the herbivores. My hips will thank me for it!

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