Elastic walls, a houseful of fun and a gem of a man


I have a full house right now, because staying with me are my parents and two of my nephews. I also have many guests coming and going, and this adds to the atmosphere of revelry in my house. One of my neighbours commented the other day about how my door never seems to be closed, and I took that as a compliment. It means that no matter how small my house is, the hearts of its inhabitants are big. This makes the walls feel as if they are made of elastic- stretchable to accomodate any number of people.


One of the great things about having so many people around is that you can do so much more for entertainment than watch TV, play computer games or go shopping. Today we all sat around and played Scrabble. If you have ever played this game, you would know that it is  a word game that involves a wide vocabulary and some strategic planning. My mother is very good at this game, and she was named consultant, because no one wanted to play against her. She gave every player equally good advice. Everyone was laughing because the scores before she stepped in were somewhere in the lower numbers. But after she started helping, all the scores went up to double digits. If you can get hold of this game, I recommend you play it. It makes a change from all the electronics we normally turn to for fun.


My poor husband is far far away in Amsterdam. Hah! I’m the poor thing who never gets to go anywhere. But I know he is missing all of us, because he calls a few times a day to talk to the children and me. We look forward to these calls, because we really miss him too. I know I sound soppy, but I want to share with you  what I have learned from my husband in the 16 years that I have been married to him. If you ever meet him, you will be calling him Mr V. So here are Mr V’s nuggets of wisdom:

1. Success is a habit. Keep aiming high and you will definitely get there.

2. Honesty is the best policy, but if you must lie, do it convincingly.

3. Always look for ways to help people.

4. Forget about turning the other cheek. If someone hits you, make them sorry.

5. Always be neatly and smartly dressed. You never know when you will meet someone whose impression of you will affect your life.

6. Marks don’t matter. It’s the effort that counts.

7. Always do your best- no one can expect more of you than that.

8. Family is the most important thing in the world.

9. In everything you do, it’s your attitude that counts.

10. Being cool is not about what you wear or how you style your hair- it’s all about being yourself.

11. There’s a thin line between being cute and being a brat.

12. Learn from your mistakes, and never stop trying.

My kids are very familiar with these lines because they hear them from their father all the time. Do you have any advice from your fathers that you would like to share?

6 thoughts on “Elastic walls, a houseful of fun and a gem of a man

  1. well said….most of em suits mii..thank u mr.v…
    hahaha..i will usually advice my dad instead of him advising me…
    i know it sounds weird…

  2. Not weird at all! We can learn a lot from our kids, and I find it touching that your dad trusts you so much. Make sure you give him good advice!

  3. Found some free time ,came to check out the new entries.

    I find this entry very refreshing.Probably because I don’t remember my father giving me any advice before…

  4. Well I’m glad you chose this place to spend your free time. Does your father give you any advice now? Or do you, like Visha, give your father advice!

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