Poems of my youth

When I was in JC I started writing poetry. It wasn’t award winning stuff. Just something to pass the time with. So the boring lecture theatres transformed themselves into the fertile fields of my imagination, and I whiled away my time having fun with words. They are not all based on real-life incidents. Here is one of my early poems.

An Apology

I have a feeling I talked too much

When you telephoned last night

But you see, my love, it gave me such

A thrill to hear your voice

I know I didn’t let you get

A word in edgewise

And I know I was a real pain

(Big deal! No surprise!)

Just let me explain to you, honey bun

Why I acted like such a twit

It was because that voice of yours

Drove me out of my wits

My heart was a-flutter

My laugh (ugh!) a twitter

My whole system blew up

I had no control over what I did

Or what I said to you then

And that is why, my love, you see

I prattled on so irritatingly

I’m sorry if you got annoyed-

will you call me again?

2 thoughts on “Poems of my youth

  1. Did you marry the guy in the poem? Is he your husband now? IF he is how did he propose to you? Did you have control over your words when he proposed to you?

    FRom, Lulu the curious one in your class 🙂

  2. My goodness! So many questions! Let’s take them one at a time: yes I did marry the guy in the poem, he proposed to me by telling me he wanted to marry me, I had no words to say at the time- in fact I remember gaping like a fish, and, as he likes to remind me, I still have not said yes! It may not have been a very romantic proposal, but the years after have been very good ones, full of love and joy, and I think that is more important, don’t you?

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