CA2 computation


Here it is, kids- the definitive list of assignments that will make up the CA2 marks. Please do take note of the strict submission criteria. If there is anything you do not understand, you have only to ask. There will be no adjustment or substitution of marks, so make sure you get it right. I don’t mind doing some extra marking (someone check my pulse!) as long as you are sincere about  getting your work done.So if you want to re-submit something, go ahead- but do it on time.

I know the last few weeks have been really intense, my darlings, but take heart. The end of the year is drawing nearer. The pessimists among you will snort sceptically, deriving pleasure from pointing out that that only means the ‘O’ levels are drawing nearer as well. To these dismal people my answer is “pooh!” because I think optimism is the only way to go. Sure, there may not be a light at the end of every tunnel, but why snuff out whatever ray of hope does exist?

Read the list people, and do as it says.

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