The force of evil is now more powerful than ever before


You should have seen the fun in 3E5 today. We had one guy who was so nervous that it would be he who would have to represent his class. See the problem is that this guy has already had some experience facing a large and critical audience, and definitely does not want to repeat the experience- even though he was very good at it, along with the rest of his team. As it turned out it was another guy who won, by one vote. Jonathan is 3E5’s Speaker, and I know he will do a great job, especially with his classmates’ help.

Is it true that evil has never been stronger than it is now? There are many examples of evil from the past. But what is it about the times we are living in now that makes us feel that we are surrounded by great evil? Or do you feel that we are not in fact surrounded by evil at all? What actually is evil? If we say that evil is not at an all time high, then is the reverse also true- that good is at its strongest now? Or is it in fact the case that the stronger evil becomes, the stronger good becomes to match it force for force?

Most important of are the examples to illustrate your opinions. I’ve thrown down the gauntlet. Who’s going to pick it up and take the challenge?


20 thoughts on “The force of evil is now more powerful than ever before

  1. Wow, this topic is difficult, but I’ll try.

    Evil. How can we define evil? A murderer is evil in the eyes of the victim’s family members, yet, in the accomplice’s perspective, he is not evil.

    There is a saying I heard during one of my Social Studies lesson, “A man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” (Or something like that.) In the case of the Sinhalese-Tamil conflict in Sri Lanka, the organisation Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is considered a terrorist organisation. They attack and kill the Sinhalese and others who do not support them, bomb places, and have riots; yet they are viewed by their supporters as the true champions, the ones who truly have the courage to fight for freedom. Evil to one, is good to the other. Does this mean that as long as evil exists, good exists too? So are they directly proportionate to each other? If the force of evil is now more powerful than ever before, is the force of good also more powerful than ever before?

    – Sorry that I sidetracked, just some food for thought –

    Well, to make it easy to define “evil”, I went to the online dictionary! (:

    – morally bad or wrong
    – having the nature of vice
    – tending to cause great harm
    – having or exerting a malignant influence
    – morally objectionable behavior
    – that which causes harm or destruction or misfortune
    – the quality of being morally wrong in principle or practice

    In short, “evil” is wrong.
    So “good” is correct?

    I can’t seem to choose sides, because if we say good is correct, then what about those Tamil Tigers? Are they evil, because they kill people, or are they good, because they help their race to fight for freedom?

    This is so confusing.

    – So sorry, until now, all I’ve said is irrelevant. –

    Think simple, Yee Jeng. Think simple.

    I still can’t choose sides. Somehow, I defined the force of evil as the influence evil has in others’ lives.

    After an hour of thinking, I’m still undecided.

    I’ll be back, either today (Saturday) or tomorrow. More comments later! 😀 (Time to meditate on the topic.)

    – JOY (:

  2. I feel that there are many definitions to the evil here and thus there is a wide variety of ways to talk about this topic. For me, I feel that evil is only a matter of opinion. Something might seem evil to some but not to other.

  3. Yee Jeng- don’t worry about choosing sides. The whole point is to explore the topic thoroughly. deciding on a stand for the purpose of the speech comes later. For now, I’ve enjoyed your rambling thoughts.

    And Victor seems to agree that evil is a matter of perspective. You certainly have something there. But do you feel that there are some types of evil that the whole human race recognizes as such?

  4. Hello everyone! Okay before i start saying anything, let me read the topic one more time..

    Okay, i personally feel that we should address the matter of why the force of evil has become more powerful now than before. I agree with what Mrs V said – let’s not stick to any particular stand like a debate. We’ll just explore this topic together as a class. I think that’s one of the main aims for coming up with the speaker’s corner. Isn’t it? :]

    The force of evil has become more powerful now than ever before. Why? Increase of injustice? Discrimination? Unfair rights? Conflicts due to different views? These are some of the ideas we could ponder on. Just like the example Yee Jeng brought up.

    Hmm, i think we could also explore of how the force of evil’s acts are affecting us directly and indirectly.

    And finally it’ll be great to find solutions to halt or at least control the growing forces of evil. I mean, everyone part of it are humans. They can think. If we be fair to them and find some reasonable compromises i think they’ll change. I don’t think it’s very nice for them to sacrifice their lives either. It’s just that they’ve chosen a more violent and forceful method to fight for their rights since they’ve failed to achieve success the time before when they were less forceful. I’m talking as though it’s very easy to stop all forces of evil in an instant, i apologise for that, but it’s no harm to think of alternatives and solutions if we have time. To me, it makes us unique :]

    Okay i’ll end here. I’m really sorry for my clumsy errors and i’m sorry if you couldn’t understand what i was saying. I just wanted to contribute. See you all soon!

  5. I understood perfectly what you were saying. And I like the fact that you have introduced a new element into the whole equation: solutions. This would make a great third point for the speech. Hey Jonathan! Are you getting all this?

  6. hey people…
    i just stopped by to give a few of my thoughts…

    Personally, i feel that there are really a lot of different types of evil…
    however, it is not about what type of evil we are actually talking about, but how strong is the force of evil in general…

    I feel that we can actually be able to define how strong the force of evil is if we can actually see the effect of the evil in the lives of everyone presently, and how many people suffer from these effects.
    however, looking at it from a different perspective, we can also compare how much good and how much evil there actually is in the world today…

    For example, we could base it on how much good there is to tackle the evil or whether evil is too powerful for good …
    but, no matter how strong the force of evil is, there will still be a little bit of good around and as long as the good remain good, then evil will not be able to grow any stronger.

    that’s all… i seriously wonder whether what i just said makes sense???

  7. Hi,
    Sorry for the late entry guys had been sick and feeling very uncomfortable all over.hais..But nevermind this shall not be an excuse to shrink responsibility I will still take up the challenge no matter what!! 🙂

    I agree with all my classmates entries that evil being more powerful than before is just a matter of perspective.However I think the title: “the force of evil is now more powerful than ever before” is refering to the view of evil to the majority of the people one that is socially and morally viewed as evil, like we all know killing is wrong and helping the needy people of society is right, and not refering to the exceptions like the Tamil Tigers killing the sinhalese for their freedom or at least it is base more on the moral side of life.U get what i mean?? Afterall its a philosophical title so there isn’t any right or wrong answer but just a matter of perspective.

    I think the element on solutions brought up by Jana is a very good point afterall at the end of the day what we want to know is how to solve the problem right??and not just keep on emphasizing on the problem itself.what do u think??

    Anyway I have yet to think of an attention getter 😦 My creative juice have been running low due to my sickness.Hopefully I will be able to come up with something good and refreshing as soon as possible.

    I think i shall stop here for the time being.More comments should be coming up provided if I DO HAVE THE COMMENTS THAT IS.haha.Hope to see more lively comments from the class though.I really need everyone’s ideas for this to be successful.

    -Jonathan Tay:)

  8. Hi!!! Everyone=). I’m here to add some of my views.

    I guess evil is becoming stronger nowadays. How is it becoming stronger? Firstly, it is able destroy more, as in kill more people, destruct more buildings, and cause more people to be harmed.

    Its just like in the past, the crimes committed might just be merely killing someone with omly some weapons, or simple crimes like stealing. rape and cheating. But now, the things which evil causes is much more disasterous. They could release nuclear bomb or missiles into a country secretly and this would cause chaos in the country. Then, people also do things which people in the past would have ebeen less likely to have done. Like in China, reports of people faking goods, includind food products, have been heard. All this makes evil more powerful in the sense that it have a more detrimental effect on Earth and its peole.

    But what are the factors of all this? I think its because of modern technology, that the force of evil is being more powerful than before.
    The discovery of nuclear bomb, invention of synthetic materials and the use of guns, discovery of drugs and most importantly, the invention of modern machineries. No powerful crimes can be committed without the aid of machines.

    However, it is also the discovery of machines that has enabled people to track down or prevent crimes quicker and easier. In airports, the scanner has enabled officers to check baggages more efficiently. The discovery of DNA has led to people being able to conduct tests to verify and hold evidences against certain criminals.

    Therefore I think that there are many sides to this topic. Its up to different points of view, I think.

  9. Early man had a simple life – he worked for his livings and his wants were simple. Today we talk of savings, nest egss, quality of life, materialistic acheivements… so where does all this lead to – GREED. So that has led man to fight a fellow man and we have the power of rationalisation to support us in every deed we do which others may not believe in… So I agree wth the motion that the force of evil is now more powerful than ever before.

  10. So now we have two angles- technology and greed as factors contributing to the rise of evil. VERY good point, Silent Voice!

  11. oh…
    I didn’t see the comments link until today…

    With the topic being “the force of evil is now more powerful than ever before”,I should start of defining evil.

    Evil, in my perspective, is the description to an action or behaviour that is selfish and does not benefit anyone, although some people may view the action or behaviour as good.

    I believe that evil is becoming more powerful as I think more and more people are becoming selfish.I feel that this selfishness is probably bred by the constant competition in our world.People become more self-centered as they have to start relying more and more on themselves because of the competition to do better than the rest.

    extra stuff : Maybe the hectic livestyle contribute to evil becoming more powerful as people do not have the time to think over the choices they can make and take the path of good

  12. Kok How I am impressed at the maturity of your thoughts. Now that you have discovered the comments link, I hope that you will stop by regularly and share your unique point of view with us on more topics.

  13. although evil is the key point to the whole subj. ,i feel that the other key terms shud b defined 2. powerful and before.
    powerful— having great power,strength and or influence
    before— earlier then, at an earlier time
    (got them from dictionary)
    lets start with power. the great power, strength or influence, shud come from somwhere right?and how do evil get them?
    before.when is before? millions of years ago? or a minute ago?
    although these are actually questions rather than coments, i hope tat it would help. lol.. gd day

  14. Questions are always good. Coming up with your own questions takes more courage and thought than answering someone else’s queries. If no one provides an answer soon, though, do enlighten us forthwith!

  15. I personally feel that power breeds evil. I also feel that being self-centred too breeds evil. Being self-centred basically means to have a lack of manners. I think that in today’s society power comes from the amount of money you have. As they say, money makes the world go around!

    Firsly,in Singapore, there is clearly an obsession with money culture.Even serving the country by stepping forward into public office is to be measured in terms of how much the pay is relative to the private sector. I think that it is amusing that our prime minister earns a higher income than the president of United States! If our leader instills such great importane into monetary matters, what would our mindset be? Most of us would probably have a greater urge to attain more money. This would cause have to have a greater greed for power. As they say, human greed knows no bounds!

    Secondly, let’s take a look at the service industry in Singapore. I think that it is in Singapore that we care about getting more customers (which in return causes the business to have more money) than providing good service. In the metro sale streams of people can enter, but however there is not really any service being provided.Whereas in Australia they limit the amount of people entering and apologize to the rest waiting there. Their reason to do this is so as to ensure that everyone gets good service and that no customer gets neglected. The service staff would even put on the shoes for their customers and tie the shoelace for them. We me find this astounding but Australians find this normal!This shows that the servive staff here are quite self-centred as they only care about the amount of money but not about the customers.

    Lastly, we should now look at the transport in Singapore. If we were to get into the mrt we do not really stand at the side and wait for the people to come out before we go in in. Instead we go in at the same time which makes it uncomfortable for the eople to go out. This shows that we only care about reaching our destination rather than minding our manners. Doesn’t this breed more evil as our society is becoming more self-centred?

    People would be more self-centred as they would care about money, money and more money. Then they can joyfully bathe themselves in the glory of being rich. I feel that it is because of this self-centred mindset that most of us have that caused Singapore to be the first and only country to hold kindness movements and gems camp. Hence i think that evil is greater than before as self- centredness and the value of money have increased greatly!

  16. Wow whoever you are, you are not a happy camper.

    Relevant though your grouses must be to you, I am not convinced that they can really be linked to evil. Sure, it is annoying when commuters don’t give way at the train door, salespeople don’t serve you the way you want to be served, and people earn way more than you do. But does this count as evil? I don’t think so.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  17. I find Jonathan’s speech very interesting especially when he used the story on the Pandora’s box to start off, as well as end, his speech(I love Greek mythology).

    I do remember a part where he says women are very curious, is that so?

    I also believe he could present better than he did.

  18. I am fascinated by Greek mythology too. It is especially interesting when you read the works of British writers through the ages because many of them use references from Greek mythology. For example one writer wrote about a main character being trapped between the Scylla of one choice and the Charybdis of another.

    Yes, my dear, women are curious. Very curious. Abut everything. It is a basic survival instinct. Ask any woman you know. Or maybe you shouldn’t, because not many women admit to being curious. Just observe…

    What exactly did you think Jonathan could have done better? I think it would be helpful to him if you could offer some specific suggestions for improvement.

    Also do remember that it is very terrifying to speak in front of an audience. Apparently, more people fear public speaking than they do death. And you know that corny suggestion about imagining everyone in their underwear? It doesn’t work. It only freaks me out more!

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