Tips for making a good speech

Here it is- just like I promised. If you have any questions or comments just write in.

speech.jpg  public-speaking.ppt

PS: Random guy. Took the photo off the net. No idea who he is.

4 thoughts on “Tips for making a good speech

  1. The MORE we learn, the LESS we really know

    – we can’t apply what we learn in school to real life
    – too many things too digest
    – we forget the old things we learnt as we are continually bombarded with new things
    – lessons are very dry so we don’t really learn anything….we are like photocopiers who just copy down what the teacher says without understanding what is being taught

  2. Very interesting. From my personal experience, I can say that humor (as mentioned in the presentation) if used rightly can have strong impact on the presentation. I have used it once last year in a semi-formal presentation and got very good feedback. It helps in engaging the audience and making them remember your message.

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