New Wallpaper


Has anyone noticed my new wallpaper? It was a maths project my son Arjun had to do- something about tessellations. I understood the concept only after he explained it to me. I think the colours are gorgeous and the idea is so clever. Hey! Proud mothers are allowed to brag, and he has given me permission to put this up here only because he knows none of his friends will ever see it!


2 thoughts on “New Wallpaper

  1. Good stuff Arjun. I looked up the term “tessellations” and found it to be an intriguing idea. Didn’t realize that Maths and art gel so well together.

  2. Ah but this is precisely Arjun’s area of expertise: merging the aesthetic and the logical. Thanks for visiting, Abhinav. I’d appreciate your comments on some of the Speaker’s Corner topics too.

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