Destiny is not a matter of chance- it is a matter of choice


Sometimes when things go wrong in our lives we feel that we were fated to fail. Likewise, when things go right we think we are lucky. While there are many who feel this way there are also those who believe that there is no such thing as luck- good or bad. These are the people who take control of their destiny, who believe that whether things go well or not lies in their hands and the choices they make.

This is 3E2’s topic for Speaker’s Corner, and it will be presented by Zhanlun, who was also elected by the class. Do add your comments here. Taking part in the discussion will not only help your friend, it will also make you more engaged in the topic, so that you enjoy the speech more when it is made. I look forward to your comments.


9 thoughts on “Destiny is not a matter of chance- it is a matter of choice

  1. Hi Mrs.V and everyone.

    Chance or choice decides our destiny? This is a problem which I have encountered at many points of my life.

    It is very easy to attribute one’s success or failure to chance or luck. However, it’s just a self-fulfilling prophecy. A proactive person knows that he is responsible for his own actions and decides and designs his destiny.

    When we think about our longterm goals and set milestones to achieve them, we’re already planning our destiny. Every success is a reflection of our attitude and the effort we put in our work. Every failure should merely be treated as a stepping stone in our journey towards attaining those goals. There’s so much we can learn from a failure. We take responsibility for our actions. It puts a test on our self-esteem. Even better, we’re able to stop, think and take a different course of action to attain our goal. One who sulks and blames his time for his failure only wastes his time and achieves nothing.

    We are equipped with the mental faculty to understand a situation, assess the solutions and choose the best option. Our choice decides if the outcome is in our favour. Opportunities may arise along the way.(I might have to say that not all opportunites are within our reach to create). It is again our CHOICE to leverage them to our advantage.

    To continue with the initial quote, Destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it’s a thing to be achieved.


    (Hopefully, I’ve created some sparks to discuss further…)

  2. Thanks Venki- I appreciate your taking the time to visit and leave your mark. This is clearly an opinion supporting the motion. But I wonder if anyone out there can come up with some examples of how destiny can have the upper hand, despite all the best choices in the world.

  3. hmm.. is destiny a matter of chioce or chance…

    i think that life is not really so much on if your decisions were already pre-determined, but more of what you really want from your life. even if you believe that destiny exist, if you are not content with what you have, then you would still work for it. it doesn’t really mean anything on the larger scale because the end results of everything is dependant on how much hard work and effort you put in. if you fail and you chose to blame it on destiny, that means that you havent got enough faith in yourself. why should we limit ourselves to destiny? i strongly believe that when there is a will there is a way. the only limit is the abilities you
    are born with and your own determination.

    to all those who feel that your life is already pre-determined, forget that! live life as you want and achieve what you want. maybe that is your destiny you never know. so dont think too much!

  4. When thousands of people were trying to save themselves from the killer tsunami on December 26, 2004, Squadron Leader T. Srinivasulu, who was then posted in Car Nicobar, swam 200 feet into the murky waters.

    Amidst debris and floating bodies, the Squadron Leader clung to a tree for 45 minutes and rescued seven persons who were caught in the killer waves and saved a child from getting washed away. He sustained several injuries in the process.

    Ask him about his selfless service and this is what he has to say: “It is choice, not chance, that determines destiny.”

  5. Destiny is obviously a matter of choice.It is we who decide our future and our destiny.If we wait for chance to come to you,you are big fool.You waste a lot of time which you could have used to acheive your destiny if you were truly determined.As I said if you are truly determined in your destiny then you will that within no time you will be there without actually knowing how it happened.

  6. ya its true that success or destiny is not a matter of chance its a matter of choice

    thank you every body 4 putting forword ur thoughts regarding this topic

  7. Destiny is something that is PRE-determined. Therefore destiny is not a choice and you cannot decide to make a choice to change it.

  8. Destiny is a matter of choice that you need to achieve.. If you believe in destiny tthen you must strive hard for you to get what you want in your life.

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