Love Blossoms at Swiss

Ooh! MUST share this. Just found out that a certain boy in one of the classes I teach is sweet on a certain girl in another of my classes. How TOUCHING! It becomes even more exciting when you find out that the boy in question is- how do I put this without breaking my non-disclosure clause? Well, let’s just say that his name is very often on teachers’ lips. My hope is that the girl can be a positive influence on her beau. He is a great guy- smart and well liked by his friends- so I hope that his special friend can make sure that he gets on the right track and shows all of us just how much he can achieve.

In another class today, everyone looked very morose, ostensibly because of poor results in a certain test. Cheer up guys. They’re just marks. More important is what you learn from the experience. Three sayings that always keep me going:

1. Turn your obstacles into stepping stones on your path to success

2. What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger

3. If you never fail, you never learn

If there was some other reason for the general atmosphere of doom and gloom, then tell me about it when next we meet. I can’t bear it when my children are unhappy.


3 thoughts on “Love Blossoms at Swiss

  1. Hi, Mrs V. I must say that from your posts, you seem to be a very interesting and motivating teacher! Well, I like your optimism in overcoming difficulties……

  2. hey mrs v!
    haha, this isn’t the way to spell my name
    but i just love adding lots of ‘e’ behind it.
    fine, straight to the topic,
    anyway, it’s cute that you would actually notice relationships between students!
    haha, it’s really surprising.

    and also, pls do help us out on comprehension passages
    as i believe most of us did not really score well for the test.
    i hope that via your teaching,
    we can learn more! 😀

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