The Migration

This is long overdue; my sincere apologies. I thought I would upload your versions of the chapter (remember the one in which Gerry’s family makes the decision to move to Corfu?), and then allow you to see the actual chapter. Not all of you handed in your versions, and some were virtually unreadable. Plus I simply don’t have the time. So here is the actual chapter, broken up into the sections you worked on.

You can see how rainy weather is described in great detail. In fact many of you did this part very well- I was surprised how you were able to wax lyrical about rain, until I remembered that it rains so often in Singapore that you would have had to be deaf and blind not to have noticed what rain looks like, sounds like, feels like.

The second part describes the way the family suffers from the cold, and it is here that we are introduced to many good words and phrases that you can actually use in your own writing.

The conversation between Larry and Mother is priceless in its humour, as well as the insight it gives us into Larry’s character and his relationship with his mother.

Next we see the family’s luggage, and you will see that it is very similar to what you imagined.

Lastly, an almost poetic description of the sea journey and the island of Corfu.

There’s much to enjoy and to learn in this book. Here is just a taste of it.




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