Narrative Structure: The One With All The Resolutions

This week the focus is on the structure of personal recounts. Despite the fact that in textbooks this is often treated as a seperate form of writing from narratives, I think that it is, in fact, just another narrative variety.

The theme we are using is that of New Year’s Resolutions. Specifically, the struggle to keep a resolution. My apologies- some of the lessons have been a little mixed up. Let me explain what I mean. My plan was to show you an episode of the sitcom “Friends” (carefully chosen- in no way an endorsement of the suitability of the series as a whole for young people) in which 6 friends make resolutions for the New Year. The episode focuses on how some of the friends face difficulties in sticking to their resolutions. Following the viewing of the VCD, you were then to be given a structured assignment, which required you to reflect on a resolution you have made before, and how you faced challenges keeping to it.

Thanks to my involvement in the Racial Harmony Day concert, however, 3E4 and 3E5 have ended up having to do the assignment before viewing the episode. No harm done though- time will tell if they have been badly scarred by the experience. Additional modifications to my plan have been necessary because of our guests from Shanghai. I felt it would be rather unfair for them to come all the way here, only to have to swot over an in-class essay. So with 3E1, 3E5 and 3E6, the assignment has been done as a group essay- for which all members of the group will receive the same mark. Why 3E1? Well, it just seemed easier that way. Plus- they seem to work very well in groups, helping each other out and assiduously following instructions.

So that leaves us with 3E2, 3E3 and 3E4. These 3 classes are a little challenging, because I find it tough to get all their assignments in on time. Plus, if they are asked to work in groups, only a few groups function well. Thus these classes will do the asignment on an individual basis, in class. So now you know.

Anyway! Aqil from 3E4 is down with chicken pox- sorry man. I wish you a speedy recovery. Meanwhile don’t pick at the scabs. I’ve never had CP, but I’ve heard that leaving the spots alone reduces the scarring. People who’ve had the dreaded disease have also told me to go and boil my head when I have given them this advice, because apparently, unless you’ve actually had CP before, you have no idea just how damned uncomfortable the whole experience is.

For Aqil and anyone else who has missed any of the lessons related to this topic, I have posted here the PowerPoint Presentation that I prepared for 3E4 explaining the whole writing process. I have also included here the assignment template. I recommend you print out the template then view the slides, following the instructions all the way.




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