What a week- and it’s just started!

In answer to all you kay-pohs who wanted to know why I was wearing a bandanna today, here is the definitive answer: with all the running around I had to do, sweaty curls flopping on my forehead was the last thing I needed. And here is my retort to the smarty pants who said I looked funny: I couldn’t care less, man! I came home and peeled off my sweat-soaked scarf and knew it had been well worth it. (All together now- EWWWW!!!)

Well, our friends from Shanghai came today, and I know one group of teenagers who are going to be sleeping well tonight. These kids worked their fingers off to make sure everything went smoothly today, and I really appreciate all their effort. I’m talking about my 3E6-ers, who made me proud with their warmth and hospitality towards their foreign friends. Oh sure, they had their moments of panic, but I think they weathered the crises pretty well. Now all we need to do is sail through the next few days. But I know they can do it. And yes, 3E5-ers, I’m proud of you too! I love seeing all my students in other roles, apart from just in my English class.

That’s one reason why I attend events like Sports Day, even though it’s not strictly compulsory for me as an adjunct teacher. How I enjoyed all the cheering, the happy faces, the surprisingly fast runners and the pride I felt welling up in me whenever one of you stepped up to receive a prize. I even enjoyed the rain, because it brought everyone close together and created a cozy atmosphere. I only felt bad for the houses that were stationed further away from the prize table. It must have been tough for you to catch glimpses of what was going on.

Tomorrow all of you will get to watch the Racial Harmony Day concert which the Lower Secondary got to watch today. Look out for an item that I choreographed. Want to know a secret related to this fact? Then look out for my next post, in which I will share something about my mysterious pre-motherhood past.


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