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aa044444.jpgI know there are many of you out there who really love to write- it is just that you find assignments and exams boring and uninspiring. I hear you, man! Which is why they have writing competitions just for folks like you to show how powerful your pen (or computer keyboard!) is. Check these out:

1. Renaissance Publishing is organizing a writing contest. The prize is $1700 cash and a chance to be published. For serious writers, the second is a better motivator than the first. The competition, presented in conjunction with the official launce of “Cupid Corporation”, is for all full time students in Singapore between the ages of 14 and 25. You can send either

  • A short story (5000 words or less, true or fictional)
  • A poem
  • A love letter
  • A short passage, paragraph, blurb, one-liner or even a phrase- anything that can tug at the heartstrings.

The judging criteria of your literary work are how romantic it is, and whether it can move and touch anyone who reads it. It’s that simple. Submit as many as you like.

All entries must be in by 30th August, 2007. Visit www.renaissance.sg for more details and the entry form.

2. The Golden Point Award Competition is seeking the best, most original, unpublished short story or poem by a Singaporean or a Permanent Resident. First prize winners stand a chance of receiving $10,000 in cash and educational training grants.

Log on to www.theartshouse.com.sg to download the official entry form or pick one up at The Arts House Box Office. The closing date for submissions is 31 July 2007. For enquiries, contact gpa@toph.com.sg or call 81836034.

Well? Any takers? The first competition is too young for me (note how I avoid saying I am too old!) but am thinking of having a go at the second. Do you think I stand a chance?


9 thoughts on “Upcoming Writing Competitions

  1. Aspiring writers, do give the competitions shot. Take note that although the first contest is fairly simple to take part in, strictly original works as winning entries are likely to be compiled and published.
    For GPA, take note that it’s open only to unpublished authors.

    For the owner of this blog, don’t be discourage by your age! If this smaller scale contest works out well, a public one with bigger cash prizes will be held!


    Renaissance Publishing

  2. Hmmm… apparently wordpress is not as secure a domain for my blog as I thought it was. Lance (bless his soul) did not seem to have much trouble finding me. I really should get the hang of all this cyber-stuff as soon as possible.

    Well anyway, you’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth now. Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. (Lest I be accused of plagiarism, I hasten to add that the phrase was quoted in “The Cinderella Story”- fluffy Hilary Duff movie.)

    Lance, this is a blog for secondary school students, most of whom are unpublished anyway, but thanks for the encouraging comments and words of advice.

  3. I’d like to consider joining one of them, but I absolutely suck at writing for COMPETITIONS. Seriously, they scare me a little. Well, not a little, just enough to leave me wound up in paranoia of what the judges might think as their critical eyes scan my work.

  4. I hear you, girl. But here’s the good news: you will never know what they are thinking, and they have no idea who you are. No one produces a masterpiece at first go. Have you heard of Kavya Vishwanathan? She wrote a book that became very popular when she was just in college, and was feted as an exciting new writer, but got involved in a huge scandal when she was accused of plagiarism. Apparently she had unconsciously copied some of her favourite writers, almost word for word. It didn’t take long for someone to pick this out and now Kavya Vishwanathan has sunk into oblivion.

    The moral of the story is that there is no short cut to success. I urge you to give it a try. Remember that these are not the only contests in the world, nor are they the only platforms for you to showcase your talents.

    Also, don’t write with the competition in mind. Write what you want to write. If what you write happens to be what they want then good for you. But if it is not, that doesn’t mean that what you have written is inferior in any way. Just not what they are looking for.

    Bottomline: be brave, be passionate, be confident. But above all, write. Because you know you want to. Because you know you can.

  5. To akanksha: Write with your heart, it is always the best way to write. Do not worry about anything else.

    To Mrs V: Apologies for the rude shock and intrusion into your blog. The explanation is quite simple. When you set up a website, most host providers will install free software to help you track your web visitor statistics. Part of the tool tracks where your URL is linked. So every day at midnight I’ll know if renaissance.sg was hyperlinked on someone else’s site. It’s a fairly standard tool that all site owners have at their disposal. For me, I use it to track marketing responses. There are no security risks.

    Do encourage your students to try. I’ve started receiving entries although the dead line is more than a month away. This is encouraging. There is hope that interest and talent in writing is still out there…

  6. I stand enlightened.
    You heard the man people. Get cracking.
    CZL: Lance works with Renaissance Publishing, the company that is organizing one of the competitions. You now know as much as I do.

  7. CZL: Lance is also a published author in magazines, newspapers and books. If you like Lance can come to your school and give everyone a free talk on applying creative writing to examinations or about how to become an author and get published.


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