Reaching Out to Other Students


Do you remember the link-up with Concord Primary School that some of you were involved in last year? Well it’s that time of the year again for you to play teacher. What a fantastic idea! This is good practice for you- not only for your English in general and for your oral skills in particular, but also for your ability to reach out to people who need you. The best part is that you get CIP points for this. We need about 5 people from each class. I will be approaching you about this if your name is on my list so watch out.

By the way, if there is anyone who would like to come on board for this despite not having been chosen do feel free to approach me. Attitude is more important than aptitude in cases like this, and my choice of students was pretty random.


Also, there will be some students from Shanghai joining us for a couple of days at the end of the month as part of an immersion programme. They will be attached to 3E5 and 3E6, but of course everyone else will get to interact with them as well. In fact, there is a one-weekend homestay part of the immersion that involves a Swiss Cottage student hosting a Shanghai student at his/her home for 2 days and one night. Ideally if the host student is from 3E5 or 3E6 then that would be better since they are all going to be attending classes together. I am not sure what the response from 3E5 is like, but so far 3E6 has not been able to come up with enough people able to play host. According to the VP, the chance to play host may then pass to other Swiss Cottage students. Any takers?

I thought of volunteering my home, and then it struck me that students all over the world are the same: Stay with a TEACHER? Get OUT of here!!!! And this would be accompanied by elaborate shudders.

homewrk.gifAssignments are due this week, people, and I hope that we don’t have our usual fiasco where I wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait….. well you get the picture. Get cracking, my little angels!

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