The World in 2070 (or not, according to some of you!)


Hi guys, I had a request over the wekend to mail a copy of this to someone, so I thought I would put it here in case there are more of you who would like to have a copy. I loved the discussion that this slideshow generated, and was especially impressed with those of you who took the effort to phrase your responses precisely and articulately. To sum up, there are those of you who feel the way I do- fearful that this may one day be a reality- and there are also those who disagree, citing (quite rightly, too) that technology will play catch-up and this will never be allowed to happen. Whatever your opinion (and it is good if you have one) I think we can all agree that water is a precious resource that needs to be conserved. More importantly, from the point of view of an English lesson, you must force yourself to take a stand and practise defending it. We will be doing more such activities in class as the weeks go by.


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