Of Animals, Diaries and Loaves of Bread (and uniforms!)

1768855.jpgWow it’s finally over- the dreaded first week of term. Now the weeks will simply fly by and before you know it the year will be over. I guess you guys must be feeling as tired as I am- I noticed a couple of you looking a bit spaced out in class. Ironically the happiest ones seem to be the ones who can’t be bothered about doing well. There’s a message in there somewhere, but I’m too scared to figure out what it is.

u18427406.jpgToday’s classes worked with 5 stories from www.eastoftheweb.com (see the previous entry for the titles), and as is usually the case, some of the stories were easier to put together than the others. Still, many of you managed admirably, and I liked the enthusiasm with which you approached the activity.

Don’t forget- your homework involves reading the story and writing a free response to any aspect/s of it you like in your journal. Any questions- just ask.

aa047000.jpgOh MUST say this: wasn’t the spot check funny today? The way people were getting upset about having their hair cut, you’d think that it was their heads getting cut off instead! Do you think it is unfair that girls don’t have to have a short-back-and-sides haircut? What do you think about the rules on skirt length?

In case you’re wondering, I’m totally in favour of nice neat uniforms and short haircuts. I think it shows high self esteem and a desire to focus on your studies. But that’s just my opinion. You don’t have to agree with it!

6 thoughts on “Of Animals, Diaries and Loaves of Bread (and uniforms!)

  1. Actually you are supposed to use the story you worked on in class. And if you really don’t like the story, then that gives you even more to comment on, right?

  2. Hang on- feeling faint…. What do you mean “What homework”? Remember I asked you to look up the story that we discused in class and then write your response to the story in your journal? It’s due in your next Mrs V lesson.

  3. First I need to ask a question- where is the article from? If it is from a reputed newspaper (for example, the New York Times) then I would say go right ahead. It would be interesting to see how you weave the story around it. If it is from some kuching kurap paper that no one has ever heard of…

    And by the way- this particular comment and my reply to it belong to another post- the one on the June holiday assignment. Let’s not get stuff mixed up over here, people!

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