The Brass Teapot and other stories

Well we are almost at the end of the first week, and what a week it’s been. I have taken on a new class now (oh come on! You all know which one!) and have found them to be responsive and cheerful, with a fantastic attitude towards learning. Long may it last! I have also been reacquainted with the rest of you, and have enjoyed my week immensely. The stories you built as a class were wonderfully crazy, but showed me that you enjoy weaving tales around real people- and that is invaluable information that I can use when preparing resources for you.

Here are the stories that you built. I have included the names of the scribes as well, and have made no corrections at all. My thanks to all of you for participating so wholeheartedly in this activity and for sharing your wild imgination with me. I accidentally named the file “3e6 story circle”- sorry about that. It contains ALL your stories. Enjoy!


With 3E1 and 3E6, I did another story construction activity, this time with a real story. While 3E1 managed to finish this activity, it would have been more fun if we had had the time to go through your version of the story before comparing it with mine. Also, with better acoustics we could have heard more people speak, without having to read the story off the screen. 3E6’s acoustics are especially bad, because of the size of the classroom. But never mind. I enjoyed seeing all of you in action and really appreciated the effort you put into the activity. Some of you were very enthusiastic, and that is always nice to see.

Anyway, here is the link as promised. The link should take you directly to the story we handled today. Feel free to browse the site as there are many short stories from various genres on offer. It’s all free.


3E1 and 3E6 students are to write in their journals their response to the story and hand it in next Thursday since there is no class on Monday. For the other classes there will be separate instructions given as we will be working on different stories. My apologies to 3E3 for the boring second lesson this week. I see you first for the second lesson of the week, before I see any other class, so you are sort of my guinea pigs. 3E1 are the guinea pigs for my first lesson of the week, so watch out guys!

The other stories I will be using are In The Evenings, Time and Again, An Enlightening Tale, The Spirit of Emulation and Impersonating Elvis. You can find all these stories and more at the above link.

Congrats to those who have managed to hand in their assignments this week and earned bonus points for themselves.

Okay I’m done. Just write in if you have any questions.


3 thoughts on “The Brass Teapot and other stories

  1. Eh mrs v, there is a type error in the story thing lol.

    “They saw “ Zhan Lun rocks” suddenly Zhan Lun came and say, “ yes Zhan lun rocks.” The moral of the story is that Zhan Lun rocks.”

    it should be SAID not SAW
    awww zhanlun really rocks. dun u tink so?

  2. CZL wrote in about a grammar mistake/ typographical error in 3E2’s story. You’re right- it IS wrong. But like I said in the post- I made no changes, and my scribes typed what they heard. The rest is up to you. But thanks for pointing out the error- see if you can spot the others!

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