Making contact

shobha.jpgHello my dears. I am so sorry that I have not made any new posts in the last few weeks. I have been too busy preparing all sorts of exciting lessons for you lot for next term. I have also been trying to get some reading done, because I figure that if I am expecting you to read then I should set a good example. Erm- this is a bit embarrassing, but so far I have finished only one book. In my defence, it was a VERY long book. I showed it to some of you- “Wicked”, by Jilly Cooper, who is one of my favourite writers. The book is very well written- lots of good words and phrases, literary allusions, well developed characters and plot, vivid descriptions- the whole enchilada. The only thing that stops me from recommending it to you is the fact that it is peppered with- ahem- naughty scenes. It is a tale of two schools in the same district- one very upper class, and the other on the brink of closing down. If you don’t mind the smut, the story is very engaging. This is a real page turner. But mind- this does not count as an official recommendation.

The next book I will work on is “Off Centre”, which some of you will be doing as a literature text next term. Your teacher insisted I read it, and has even given me a time limit. So Mrs V will be plowing through it over the next few days. If you would like to know what I think about it, check this space after 3 days. If you don’t care then forget it!

How is the holiday assignment going? So far only two people have been in touch with me. One actually hit a snag with the newslink site. She said she could not gain access to it, so I told her that she could pick a news article from any other source. The main thing is how you develop the story through the story boards, and how well you follow your chosen genre. It scares me that no one else has had this experience with newslink, because it means that most people have not started on the assignment yet.

Maybe I should not be so pessimistic. It could mean that the rest of you went ahead and chose other sources on your own. Yes, that makes me feel much better. Please, please get your work done. Otherwise you will have the traumatic experience of seeing Mrs V faint in your class. You may need major counselling after that!


6 thoughts on “Making contact

  1. Mrs V, don’t say that.. all of us, or most, have started on their Enlglish holiday assignment already, and we also encountered the same problem of not being able to sign in using the account. I myself have not finished drawing yet, but JH managed to grind out a whole story. Well, relax and don’t faint in class.. we are doing our work..! Stay well.. (;

  2. Phew! That is music to my ears. Thanks for the good news. Make sure your story is based on an actual news article, and do contact me if you face any roadblocks. All the best!

  3. Hi mrs V, piriya from 3e6 here. i assure you that my partner and I have finished your
    assignment on time. funny though. i did not encounter any problems with the newslink
    website. but just to comment, you are the only one who actually come up with such creative holiday assignments. thank you very much. it was indeed a joy doing it. loved it.

  4. Hey Priya, I am glad you had fun with the assignment. That was the primary objective.

    I need to look into this newslink matter, because people have been having all kinds of different experiences with it. It is good that you had no problems.

    Every once in a while I get a little depressed because it is so easy to focus on all the problems- too much material to cover, too little time to do it in, assignment quotas, marking, students who don’t pay attention or don’t hand in their work, guys who play the fool in class….

    But whenever I get positive feedback like this it perks me up and reminds me that there are a lot of you out there who do appreciate what I do. It also reminds me that learning should be fun. While getting you through the ‘O’ levels is sometimes held up as the only goal, I like to think that there is a more important goal- to share with you my love for learning and my passion for language, English in particular.

    I am so glad you finished the work on time. This term I am working on a bonus points system that allows me to reward people who are punctual, responsive and on-task. Handing in work on time deserves bonus points. These bonus points will be converted into a grade that will be included in the CA. So consider yourself as having been awarded 1 point (um- that is if you get the work to me on time, which I have no doubt you will!)

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