Narrative writing


This is a PowerPoint presentation that I prepared for some of your seniors last year. It covers some basic features of narrative writing that I will be introducing to you next semester. I will probably use some of these slides in  my lessons, so if you are the kind who likes to be prepared for anything, go ahead and familiarize yourself with their contents.

I hope your holiday assignment is well underway. There have been no questions yet, so I assume that all of you are super smart and have managed to figure everything out for yourselves. The alternative assumption I could make is that none of you have started on the assignment yet. This thought scares me, as it means that I will be inundated with questions in the final week. I don’t like scary thoughts. They keep me awake at night.

Watch this space for more previews of what lies ahead in Semester 2 of our journey together.


2 thoughts on “Narrative writing

  1. There’s a bad news. We cannot access the newslink website anymore.

    Customer Usage enquiry for the month of June 2007 till last night SGT 23:59 hrs User id : swisscot1

    It has EXPIRED. What should we do? Can we use other websites articles?

  2. Oh dear- this is bad news. Time for an executive decision. Okay, yes, you can get the article from another news site or actual print medium. Thanks for alerting me to the problem. You’re the first to bring this up, so I guess this means you are the first to start on the assignment. Help!

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