A Fine Balance


I brought some of my favourite books to school to show you last week. Not all of you got to experience that particular lesson. I’d like to think that those of you who did, enjoyed it as much as I did! (And if you didn’t, please don’t tell me so!) A little while back I used an extract from one of the books in a lesson for a Sec 4 class. The book was “A Fine Balance” by Rohinton Mistry. This is a wonderful book- just not a very happy one. But then, I have always found that none of these prize winning books are happy ones. To some of you I highlighted one of the grossest (there is actually no such word!) parts, just to be sensationalist. In reality though, while the book has a sad and dark edge to it, there are also many uplifting aspects as well. Here I have uploaded an extract that shows how one boy is initiated into the type of work done by members of the caste he belongs to. Despite the fact that times are changing and he is allowed to do other forms of work, his father wants him to appreciate the suffering that his forefathers have gone through. Happy reading!


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