The Original “Freedom to Think” Guy


Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher and while I would like to say that his work was the inspiration for the title of my blog, honesty forces me to admit that I pulled that one out of my hat. It was only when I was doing some random searching that I found my title (Freedom to Think) in a quote from Kant. The article I have uploaded here is one person’s opinion of something Kant once wrote. He (the writer) explores the commonly held idea that while society can control what we say and do, we always have the freedom to think. He questions this notion, bringing up the idea that even what we think is bound by what we are exposed to. I found this article extremely thought provoking and accessible at the same time- I think most of you will be able to understand it after a couple of readings. Do read the article. We may discuss it class. Although it has nothing to do with narratives, I think it will help to broaden your mind and expose you to more than just the demands of the syllabus.

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