Acrostic Poems

Your little brothers and sisters in Sec One produced some very creative work today. The task was to write acrostic poems. (If you don’t know what this means look it up- or you might be able to guess as you read on. Most of you would have written such poems in Primary school.)

Here are some poems from the students of 1E3 (I will only add their names to this post if they write in and give their consent.)


Mesmerizing tricks

Awe is always the reaction

Given the talent

Impossible to learn

Capture all’s attention

Into his magic show

And his magic remains secret

Never to be found.


Right gift for a girl

On a special occasion

She will think I’m sweet

Especially after Valentine

Spring season arrives.


Midst the clouds at night

Often hanging in the sky

Orange in colour at times

Neon to show the way.


Waiting and watching

Alert at all times

Ready to fight.


Garrisoned in a building

Unknown to passersby

Not moving a muscle

Scoping the victim.


Crazy people running,

Havoc wreaked everywhere,

On the edge of destruction,

A hero is needed,

Somewhere, there will be one.


Scoring is the main objective of the game

Offensive and defensive tactics are used in the game

Cards of two colours are used by referees

Clocking goals is the best

Even children love the game

Run around with a ball.

These gems are from the students of 1E2:


Prowling, on the hunt

Alas, the hunt is found

Night, it’s time to feast

Terror, struck in all

Horror, glimpsed in the eyes of the prey

Escape is impossible

Rest in peace.


Flowing along with the current

Isolated in the big blue sea

Searching for its fellow fishes

Hoping for a glimpse of light.


God! Isn’t that girl pretty?

Irritating sometimes

Really knows how to attract boys



Homeland where I belong

Our heart and soul

Memories formed

Everyday a new beginning.


Shining and


All night long

Reach out to pick them

Suddenly they are gone.

These are the ones that caught my eye. If you would like to try your hand at acrostic poems, why not send me your attempts? I’d love to add them to this post.


294 thoughts on “Acrostic Poems

  1. Hi Mrs. V! I enjoyed reading all these poems and I have come up with some of my own (pls do comment! =D)

    Always deep in thought
    Never seemed to be happy
    Dividing up the workload,
    Restlessly sees that it is terrible
    Everyone is so busy
    When would we rest?

    Daring to make a move
    Always hesitating.
    Not wanting to embarrass oneself
    Centre of attention I am not
    Enthusiasm still there though (=

    Cast in a play
    Ready to act
    It gets too serious
    May not be in right mind
    Everything has gone beyond limit

    One last one before I sleep,

    Everything seems so foreign
    Nothing stays the same
    Gladly to say
    Loving it never changes
    Independent learning of it
    Seems to difficult
    How do I survive?

  2. Yes these are nice ones- thank you for the attempt. The beauty of acrostic poems is the way each line, while starting with a letter of the title word, also has something to do with the title.

  3. I would just like to respond to Swiss Cottage Secondary 3 Student (comment 1)- sorry I didn’t do it earlier. I am sure you are every bit as good as these writers. Don’t be afraid to try. Apathy and fear of failure are the biggest inhibitors of creativity!

  4. Hi Mrs V. After looking at these poems, I came up with these on the spur of the moment. I hope it isn’t too bad. =)


    A helping hand
    Never judgemental
    Gentle and generous
    Ever present and always kind
    Loved for who you are.


    Long journeys
    In search
    For the meaning of


    Maths class again
    Attention required, let me search for it
    Torturous tedium, someone save me
    Hysterical with boredom, someone explain this
    Suffering for eternity till the bell rings


  5. Here is an acrostic poem for Independence Day. The only problem is that I have no idea which country you are from or what your own feeling about your country is. So this is a sort of generic poem on the subject, but also, it is what I feel about mine!

    I dream of freedom
    No barriers between us
    Dream of a land like ours
    Everywhere they go
    People embracing hope
    Every chance they get
    Dancing with destiny
    Every moment of their lives
    No dream unrealized
    Children sing out loud
    Enjoying their childhood

    Dream of such things
    And they will come true
    Yes, they have come true

  6. Hi Amanda, I’m not sure if I have understood your question correctly, but if you are asking for an acrostic poem using the word ‘Wow’, here is one you could use:

    W- Wonder of wonders
    O- Only days left until
    W- Woman inherits the earth

    This is just off the top of my head, and I don’t actually subscribe to the sentiment. But you have to admit it sounds pretty cool!

  7. hy amanda،this is just words from my mind .

    w: war is not good

    o: our effect is to make peace

    w: withe making peace we will have a wenderful life

  8. Hmm…
    F- Far and away
    R- Roaming over hill and dale
    E- Ever floating among the clouds
    E- Eagles and seagulls are my companions
    D- Dreamtime in the center of my mind
    O- Out of reach from the clutches of adulthood
    M- My spirit flies free

  9. Hey! Writing these is not that hard. You might have fun trying to do it on your own.

    P- please stop the fighting
    E- enough hate exists in the world
    A- are we going to destroy each other
    C- can we learn to live together
    E- even though we are different?

  10. T- take a stranger
    O- over all your differences
    L- leave aside fear
    E- engage in dialogue
    R- really connect
    A- allow for individual beliefs
    N- no need to think the same way
    C- care about the stranger
    E- eventually make him a friend

    1. wow plz can you helo me for the words freedom and eagle together and to say how does the eagle symbolize freedom in the acrostic poem
      Thank you (:

  11. TML (32), Sec 1E9


    Garrisoned in a building

    Unknown to passersby

    Not moving a muscle

    Scoping the victim.

    I like the poem on Maths by Melissa because that is exactly how I feel about Maths. I feel like I can’t wait for the lesson to be over. The bell is my saviour as well.

    1. Actually I was afraid there would be some confusion- but I’m glad you were so observant! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  12. L – Left for you to decide its future
    I – Infinite possibilities
    F – Full of ups and downs
    E – Ecstasy and excitement awaits

  13. Candy

    Candy,my favourite

    And my freshment

    No matter what

    Daddy says,

    You are my love candy

    I really liked the TOLERANCE.It really explained how to tolerate situations and people.

  14. KvT (36), 1E5


    L-Lead our way out
    I- Is irreplaceable
    F- Found almost everywhere
    E- Enable us to see and do things

    I like the one on CRIME by Ndrew. Its very interesting really tells the meaning of crime.

  15. AYHZ(2),SEC 1E3

    Standing together in a nice way
    Trying to give out as much light as they can every night
    Always there at night
    Really thats so bright!

  16. Alicia Tan (1), Sec 1E2


    S – So hard to resist
    O – Opens up your mind
    N – Needed for relaxation
    G – Geeks LOVE it too!
    S – Something which holds a special meaning

    I like the poem by Jonas Hii as it is really true and nice words are used such as ‘Ecstasy’ which brings up the mood of the poem(:

  17. QHY(33) Sec 1E4

    D- Does not have any mercy.

    E- Every living -thing would encounter it.

    A- Always happening evey second of the day.

    T- Time of leaving.

    H- Has always been a thing many peolpe try to avoid.

  18. MR (21), Sec 1E2, SCSS


    Fatherly Love
    Aiways Together
    Motherly Love
    I Will Always Remember
    Love Which Will Never Lessen
    Yesterday,Today or Tomorrow,They Will Always Share Their Sorrow

    I love the poem on soccer as it reflects the actual game.

  19. BARREL

    Big to carry drinks,
    Able to withstand high falls
    Ready with spare food to supply everyone when there is drought
    Ready wit beer for sea sick pirates
    Enables sea sailors to enjoy delicious whisky
    Letting themselves to be drunk.

  20. KE(13)1E1

    Nylon blanket covered me,
    And I feel asleep
    Please do not wake me up!

    I like the poem “home” because it is what I feel about the home too
    and aslo it is true that we make memories from our home

  21. Fancy as I always see
    Amazing Things
    Not as true as they can be
    The dreams I wish will linger on
    And stay
    Surreal and
    Yet so real

  22. After reading all the poems , I decided to create my own. I think … mine’s the worst.


    Reading peacefully
    Enjoying words
    All in a book from
    Day to night


    All by yourself
    Leaves you empty
    On your very own
    No one to be with
    Everyday is lonely

    Well , I like all the poems above as they are really enjoyable especially the one about peace.

  23. RLRH (30), S1-E3


    Passing by the sun
    Leaving our view
    And hiding itself
    Not showing again
    Till later

    I came up with this in a minute. I’m still a little sleepy, but I’m doing a better one later on. This is just so that I completed the English e-learning.
    I like the poem on tolerance. It really shows the true meaning of tolerance.

    By the way, it’s alright for any teachers to see our class’ website or blog.

  24. I like the poem on ANGEL.
    People often think that angels are helpful.
    Even if someone who came here didn’t know the meaning of what an angel is, by reading the poem, they would already have a vague idea of it.

  25. SHS (33), Sec 1E5


    Competing with one another
    Opponent almost won
    Making a cup of tea
    Putting it on my table
    Understanding the strategic
    Trying hard to win
    Every second counts now
    Restlessly sitting back as I won

    I like the poem on Angel by Melissa as I think that it is very relevant to the topic and it should be true.

  26. Hey MrsV!!!
    I have an acrostic poem. Mind to read it?


    W – We, men, love them.
    O – On boring days, we need them.
    M – Men, like us, ‘colour’ them
    E – Emotional at times but we want them.
    N – No one can ever replace them.

  27. WDLD(32)1E2


    Fun to play with
    Respect each other
    Interect with each other
    Enjoy playing together
    Never hurt your friends
    Don’t lie to them
    Supportive to you always

    I like the one about magician as i really lke magic and mysteries

  28. MT(4)1E4
    F- Feel that you are poor

    A- and are unable to become rich

    T- That is your fate which you cannot change

    E- Even if you tried harder to change your fate

  29. CXY 1E2 (6)

    Here goes nothing…

    D – death is like a black lion
    E – entering and taking spirits
    A – always on the prowl
    T – to take one’s life
    H – hoping and hoping to be full

    A – always filled with laughter
    B – but knows how to be serious
    I – insight he has
    D – darkness he has not
    U – united with his classmates
    R – ready to make friends
    (Abidur is a friend of mine)

    L – Lucus is my best friend
    U – usually a little crazed
    C – conscious of everyone
    U – united we stand
    S – separated we fall
    (Lucus is another friend of mine)

    I like the poem about Magician as despite the fact that there are so many letters, it still stayed on the correct topic.

  30. DT(9),sec 1e4

    To my lovely dear friend Jeslyn,

    J-joyful as can ever be
    E-enchanting in each of your every ways
    S-so cute and beautiful
    L-lovey and kind every single day
    Y-your smile always brings me through the days
    N-and you are my best friend!

  31. JTSM (15) 1E3


    Hanging on to every glimpse of hope I have

    Everything would change if I didn’t

    Lost but really hoped to be found

    Panicking on this remote island

    I like Melissa’s poem about Life. It really explains life having long and tedious journeys to come to one point – is there really existence? Although it may be very short, but, who said long poems were supposed to have more meaning than short ones? This poem really made me ponder about existence…( e.g. aliens, ghosts )

  32. YWN (34) 1E2


    Irritating at wrong times
    Let’s spread the joy
    Everybody smile!

    I like the poem on Freedom by Mrs V as it describes the way I feel about the word ‘freedom’. I wish my spirit could fly free too!

  33. i enjoy reading the acrostic poems here.

    Something whichkeeps us fit
    Prevents us from falling sick
    Or a day of play and kick
    Remembering of our coach who
    Teaches us the skills we need
    Soccer is one of them

  34. Sebastian Koh(16), sec 1E3


    Love is a beautiful thing on earth
    Only someone who is truly in love will realise that.
    Valentines day is a day used to bring out its meaning and
    Especially when it comes, couples will be very happy.

    I like the poem on Life by Jonas because I feel that life is really like that, with full of ups and downs and it is also left for us to decide its future.

  35. MAR (20) , 1E2


    Going for the gold
    You know you
    Not win. Those endless hours
    At the gym
    Starting your body to work hardest.
    The excitement and nerves at the meet; the joy when you land on your feet.
    It’s hurry and do your home work; it’s eating your supper in the
    Car. It’s the love of the
    Sport and the Olympic dream.

    I like mrsv said’s about PEACE becuase the poem utterly describes the meaning of it

  36. SC (24), S1E2


    Having fun in school?
    Of course not!
    My mother asked me what have learnt in school
    Everything suddenly went blank
    Wanted to go and play
    Outside with my friends
    Running and laughting with them
    Kill me please,for my homework is not done yet!

    I like the poem on freedom that Mrs V wrote. It is a really nice poem for it is what i wanted to experience, expecially the line”Out of reach from the clutches of adulthood”. And most importantly,there would not be homework there!

  37. SAF(26), Sec 1E2


    Nightime comes after day

    It’s special as it’s the time for sleeping

    Gone is the light, and here comes the pitch darkness

    Having the perfect environment for sleeping

    Talk no more and go to sleep

    I like the poem on Life by Jonas, because the words he uses are true. So whenever something bad happens, don’t give up because “Ecstasy and excitement awaits”.

  38. I like the poem on soccer because the writer uses only six sentence and he can describe everything about soccer and i also love the game.


    Mothers are

    Overflowing with love and care

    They are always there in times of need

    Her words soothe the the raging heart of her children and

    Elated are her offspring at the sight of her beauty

    Rest comes from the Mothers, from their peace

    So do not take them for granted for they may some day leave

    I quite like Jonas’ acrostic poem because it really gives me a realistic definition of life.That is exactly how I feel about the ways of life.Life is just like a rocky road!

  40. SNR(34),Sec 1E4


    Like taking the stairs
    One step at a time
    Very tiring
    Even so,it can be fun

    I like the poem LIFE by Jonas as it motivates me.I’ll work hard to feel the ecstasy and excitement.One part of the poem also describes my life.

  41. Nice poem! can’t decide which i like the most.


    Friends are there
    Ready to lend a hand
    I am happy to have them
    Even if we fight.
    Never have they forgotten my birthday nor have I
    Days passes, night passes
    Still, true friends stay with me forever.

  42. CLY (9), Sec 1E1


    For comforting you when you are sad
    Revealing your secrets to your best friend
    Idle and giggle about little things
    Everything you had is in pink
    Never hesitate to do daring things
    Do not be afraid to tell your friend
    something you had always wanted to tell them

    I like the poem on roses as it really reflects what a girl’s personality is. Girls like roses, because it is romantic, becuase it is nice recieving flowers from someone. It makes her feel really special.

  43. Hi MRS V, this is my acrostic poem…:D

    I-In deep thoughts
    S-Somethings rarely happened
    H-High hops for it.

    I hope you could comment on it. Thanks:D!

    I really like the poem on magician as the writer stated almost every characteristics about a magician!! Its really interesting to read it.

  44. I- In the Ocean it lives
    C- Could also live in lakes
    H- Has many scales
    T- Totally cool
    H- Hates the land
    Y- Yes, its very tasty
    S- Swims faster than you or me

    PS ICHTHYS means fish in Greek

    PSS Great poem Jonas

  45. CLASS

    C – Can’t stop learning
    L – Learning and asking must be together
    A – After asking , must study
    S – Studying peacefully
    S – Success would be yours

    I like mrsv poem on peace , I wish there really is peace in the world .

  46. The poems are very well constructed and well-written.You have done a good job making the first letter of every line of the poem form a word.

  47. LHSW (22), SEC 1E5


    S – Skiving, talking, waiting to go home,
    C – Crying whining at the amount of work,
    H – How do life go on?
    O – Oh why are we placed in this chamber of boredom?
    O – Oh why are we not given the freedom we need?
    L – Looking, watching the clock, yay! it is time to go home!

    I liked the poem about life that Jonas Hii has written. I think the poem is very true and meaningful. It quite real as life is full of ups and downs. And we will never know what will come next, so life is exciting and fun!

  48. Nature

    No sign of unsettlement
    A peaceful thing
    Tireless and beautiful
    Underneath it all, life
    Relaxing yet

    I like the poem by Lys (comment 5) which talks about an angel. It shows that an angel is good, kind and sweet and also shows how to be an angel, in a way.

  49. Chloe Sim (5) , 1E2


    Fluffy white wings
    Lead me through the skies
    Yup! its only a dream

    I like what melissa worte about ANGEL. the way she describe it was so pure,so innocent and so angelic.

  50. Trains
    T- Travelling day and night
    R- Ready to go
    A- Alighting passengers
    I- Incredible speed
    N- Next station

    like the poem on Maths by Melissa because that is exactly how I feel about Maths. I feel like I can’t wait for the lesson to be over. It seems like eternity before the bell actually rings.

  51. – GRILL- 🙂

    G – greasy and
    R – ready
    I – intoxicating aroma
    L – lingers in the atmosphere
    L – licking my lips, I prepare for ribs.

  52. NRY (26) 1E4


    F- Flowers usually are nice-smelling
    L- Looking good, roses are one of my favourite
    O- Overtime, you will find them more interesting
    W- Without them, you won’t get to have honey
    E- Every flower is perfect
    R- Ready to explore them?
    S- So, what are you waiting for?

    I like the poem on Angel from Melissa as what she wirtes perfectly match what I think of an angel.

  53. PENS

    People write with,

    Easy to take around,

    Notes are taken with,

    Sounds easy.

    I like the one on stars as it shows really adout stars. When we try to catch them, we cannot catch them as they are hanging high up in the sky.

  54. I feel that the oiems are really good and mostly are relevant to the words.

    Fighting for the ball
    Looking out for teammates
    One more minute to go
    Only one point more
    Reacting as fast as we could

  55. dlzt(007), sec 1E2

    Bata(it is a brand of shoes)

    Bata shoes are nice

    And some are really unique

    though they are too expensive

    at times i do buy them

  56. NKH (25) sec 1E3


    S- snoring loudly, in deep sleep
    L- left alone with nobody to disturb
    E- everyday, every night it has to be done
    E- energised and ready the next morning
    P- peacefully, soundly drift off to dreamland…

    i like the poem on magicians as i feel that the writer really describes about what they do. the words used are also very creative. and they never give away their secrets.

  57. SUN

    S- Shining brighly
    U-Up in the sky
    W-Warm on my skin

    I like jonas’ poem as it is very creative and lively. I hope I could write like him.

  58. Lim Jun Liang(20)1E4


    Get the ball
    Let the ball go into the net

    I like the poem on soccer because the writer uses only six sentence and he can describe everything about soccer and i also love the game.

  59. NI (26), Sec 1E3



    Against the window

    Its beautiful sound


    Bend of colours

    Overshadow the beauty

    Within me

    I like the poem titled Fish as it reminds me of my first day at primary school. I felt lost like how it is decribe in the poem. I also desperately need some hope to go on with my school life.

  60. I feel that the poems are really meaningful .

    F – ighting for the ball
    L – ooking out for sticks
    O – ne minute left
    O- ne nore goal to score
    R – eacting as fast as we could
    B – eing as quick as we could
    A – ll that left is one goal
    L – eft for us to shoot
    L – eaving th court with smiles is all that we hope

  61. Hmmmm………….. very nice poems. somehow,i kinda like it as it has a lot of feelings and emotions when reading them. t Can you try to make an acrostic poem that will improve the attitude of teenagers Mrs v?????????

  62. SUN
    S-Shining brightly
    U-Up in the sky
    N-Night falls and day comes

    I like jonas’ poem as it is very cretive and lively. I hope I could write like him. (Sorry the poem above was incorrect)

  63. TWY (36), SEC 1E4


    S-sweet and loving ,that’s what she is
    A-also, she’s the one that makes me laugh
    N-never forget that she’s an important friend
    D-don’t ever try to make her sad
    I- I love her as my friend forever and always!!

    I like CHAOS because it really describe how chaos is like as a acromatic poem… It is also very creative and fresh and so I like it the most among them all.

  64. PKTD(32),Sec 1e4


    May be someone’s pet

    One of the zodiac animals

    Utterly cute to the owner

    Searching for the hidden food

    Eating with pleasure

    I like the poem on SOCCER because it tells about the main objective and the two tactics in the game. I think it is being written very well.

  65. M any mysteries to be unravelled .Youngsters, yearning for answers
    S leuths, suspecting suspicious people
    T errible thieves, taking treasures
    E veryone exploring everywhere
    R obbers, regretting their own actions
    Y es! It may all seem so weird but even robbers are regretting their own actions

  66. ERP

    Everyday its standing there
    Ready for work
    People get frustrated as they forgot their cashcard

    I like dom poem

  67. Here is mine

    Everybody lives here
    All of us lives here
    Right place for us to live
    The only place we can live
    How is our future going be?

  68. Dictionary

    Dictates almost every word
    Induces meanings
    Causes our brains to know more words
    Takes out question marks from our brains
    Indulges our compositions
    On the piece of paper
    N’ gets no red marks on our exams
    Aand gets us to pass our english with flying colours
    Really, it works
    Y’ don’t you try it?

  69. TIME

    The world is always alive,
    It is full of life,
    Many died as time passed,
    Even the strongest of all

    The poems are very interesting.

  70. Hi Mrs V. I thought that your blog is a poem galley…Haha. I have come up with a acrostis poem. It’s very short.


    W- When you write
    O- On a paper or
    R- Read or speak, you
    D- Do realise words are
    S- So important

    This is for e-learning day 3 🙂

  71. Learning

    Look at those words!
    Everything can be learned
    As soon as you learn it, use it.
    Reading is a form of learning.
    Never to late to learn.
    It is fun and useful for future
    Never says ‘no’ to anyone.
    Grandpa, grandma, everyone is learning!

    Jasmine(39) 1e3

  72. Games

    G-ood for us to play for awhile
    A-s it takes us to another world where fantasy comes alive
    M-orning till night
    E-ven during midnight,she plays
    ‘S-witch off the computer!’ her mother would yell.


    I think the ‘Freedom’ poem which was written by Mrsv is nice.Sometime, I also feel like floating in the air for get out of my duties or some other rules.

  73. Vampires

    V icious
    A lways blood-thirsty
    M yth
    P eople fear them
    I deal hunters
    R ise from the dead
    E xist in your dreams

  74. TDX(38),S1E5


    Technology is everywhere
    Examples are computer,air conditioner and so on
    Cannot live without it
    Hasty advancements
    Never slow down in advancements
    Ordinary activities such as cooking also requires the usage of it
    Life has become simpler because of it
    Oftenly used to create weaponery for waging wars
    Good and bad to us
    Years are not taken to travel from one place to another

    I like the poem on LIFE by Jonas Hii as he described the process of life correctly.Life is your’s and if you do not decide your own future,who will?Life is also full of infinite possibilities.When Singapore gained independence,people said that we will not survive but miraculosly,we did and we are a prosperous nation nowadays.Life is also full of ups and douwns.For instance,one might do well in an examination but in the next one,he or she might not do that well as the previous one.Life is also full of fun and excitment.

  75. LLX (17) Sec 1E2


    Say hello to everyone in the

    Morning, when

    In the

    Library, classroom or in the hall in school

    Everyone does the same – SMILE!

    I like the poem about English by ‘Ndrew,
    as I do like English, but sometimes, it’s really difficult
    and hard to understand.

  76. MAPLE

    M-ixing with people all over the country
    A-ssociate with many different kinds of people
    P-eople with different levels can meet together
    L-evel up by training characters
    E-fficient and veri fun

  77. s.a.n.d.i (10) Sec, 1E4


    F – Forever there for you,
    R – Right there beside you.
    I – I can see the future, where our
    E – Everlasting friendship
    N – Never end. but
    D – Don’t worry though – they’ll always be there for you. (:

    — I like the poem on LIFE by Melissa as it speaks out my feelings – how tiring how life is, especially when your friends are away.

  78. Sharlene (20), Sec 1E1

    S – studying in a classroom
    C – chatting with our friends when the teachers are not in
    H – having fun when it is time
    O – optimistic learning attitude towards our studies
    O – overwhelming with students always
    L – leaving with full of knowledge everyday

    I like the poem on Life by Jonas Hill as i feel that life is like what he describes, full of ups and downs, ecstasy and excitement awaits as we will never know what is in store for us.

  79. mok jia wen 24 1E5
    Wish to have a new handphone,
    I may be greedy but maybe a psp too
    So may i wish for somemore?
    Hiking at Mount Everest willl be my best wish!

  80. AJX(1) 1e3


    L-lost in the midst of wandering and is now
    O-on the verge of crying
    S-settle down quickly
    T-to think calmly

    Love the poem on magician although its long but its well written and depicts the meaning of the word well 😀

  81. But i’ve nothing to do
    Only sitting and starring at thin air
    Ready to do something – but what
    Everytime I feel this way and I
    Don’t know why

    I personally like the poem Life by Jonas because the word Life may be short but it has alot of meaning in it. His poem is also realevent to the word.


    I-I love computer games.
    N-No to other cca
    F-Fine computers to play
    O-Oh,how nice can this be
    C-Computers,i love it!
    O-Oh,we are going to win all the competitions

  83. OLW (28) Sec 1E3


    Shining high up in the night sky

    Together they look wonderful

    Alone makes it dull

    Readily to perform for their audience to admire at night

    Stars are uniquely beautiful in their own way

  84. YBRA (35) Class 1E2


    Best if you can get a strike
    Of course it would make the game much more fun
    When you bring your friends to play with you
    Leaving the lane with no more pins
    It would bring a smile to your face
    No doubt it is an expensive game
    Gutter is what bowlers hate

  85. CEJW (8), Sec 1E2


    D – Daring little ones, they are.
    O – Other than lazing around, they are also great companions.
    G – Going around the household to check on their humans’ feelings, seeing if they can help to improve it.
    S – Settling down at dusk, they close their eyes to nap, cuddling close to their beloved humans.

    I liked Mrs V.’s poem on Tolerance, it would be a very big help to people with low tolerance level, like me.

  86. CEJW (8), Sec 1E2


    D – Daring little ones, they are.
    O – Other than lazing around, they are also great companions.
    G – Going around the household to check on their humans’ feelings, seeing if they can help to improve it.
    S – Settling down at dusk, they close their eyes to nap, cuddling close to their beloved humans.

    I liked Mrs V.’s poem on Tolerance, it would be a very big help to people with low tolerance level, like me.

  87. Hell will rose
    Anger does not fade
    Time goes
    Everytime you hate

    I likes mrsv’s poem on independance day.Its very strong in some ways(I think).

  88. Life never ends
    Instead, it continues
    Forever, in a never ending cycle where
    Everything is decided for us

    I liked the poem about the Earth as it sends an important message to save the Earth which is what we should do as, if the Earth is destroyed, so will we.

  89. Prepare

    Preparing for exams
    Ready to take them
    Everything is going to be fine
    Prepare what you need
    And be ready
    Remember what you studied
    Everthing would be fine

  90. FUN

    U-Untolerable,it is the holidays!
    N-No to CCAs

    I like the poem PEN as it describes a pen very much.It is very creative and i really liked it very much.

  91. OLW (28) Sec 1E3


    Shining high up in the night sky

    Together they look wonderful

    Alone makes it dull

    Readily to perform for their audience to admire at night

    Stars are uniquely beautiful in their own way

    I like the poem Melissa came up with titled ‘Angel’ as I believe that angels will lend a helping hand to people who are in need of help.

  92. vkcv (36), sec 1e1


    F- friends forever is what they say,
    R- respecting more along the way.
    I- inspiration it may seem,
    E- everlasting it can be.
    N- never forgetting each other,
    D- doing good to one another.
    S- sharing the best things in life,
    H- helping each other through thick and thin
    I- in every way possible.
    P- promising each other a bright future ahead.

  93. hi, mrs.v! i don’t really have a good poem in my head but i came up with this:

    Lots of friends around
    Always forgive and forget
    Usage of happiness
    Great to relieve stress
    Hop around with joy
    Trust in friends
    Roll on the floor laughing

  94. oh, i forgot to leave a comment. i think that the poem titled “LIFE” is one very good poem as it has very describtive words used to describe the happenings in our lives.

  95. D angling from the ear of a rich lady.

    I n the world, diamonds are the hardest to break.

    A vailable mostly in the diamond mines in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    M y favourites are only diamonds.

    O nly rare people have diamond eyes.

    N othing is equal to diamond

    D azzling everyone who sees it.

    S parkling in the night, when the moonlight shines on it.

  96. TCT (36), Sec 1E4

    L- love to eat it frequently,
    O- only that i will damage my teeth.
    L- like the sweet taste of it,
    L- love the feeling of it.
    I- includes a lot of flavours.
    P- powerful sensation,
    O- on the outside,
    P- plus, the unforgettable taste.

    I like the poem, STARS, although they seem short, but the lines written describes stars well.

  97. TWY (36), SEC 1E4

    Re-submit: FAMILY

    F-Forever united and together
    A-Always loving and sharing towards one another
    M-Maybe sometimes fights and quarrels will occur but
    I-I know that they will get back together again very soon as
    L-Love ones are the most precious people in life
    Y-You should never ever take them for granted.

    I like CHAOS because it really describe how chaos is like as a acromatic poem… It is also very creative and fresh and so I like it the most among them all.

  98. MKXM(18) Sec 1e3

    Friendship that lasts
    Really long
    I tresause them
    Ensuring that it don’t go wrong
    Now the problem comes
    Down right down in our heart, that was what me and her felt
    Sometimes she’s irratating but sometimes she’s great
    Hope that she undersatnds that
    I love her as my friend
    Putting in her in my heart, I’ll remember her always.

    I like CHAOS the best as I felt that as it really respresented the scene of a classroom when no teacher is around. It also tells us that in every situation, a leader is needed so as to control and manage the situation.

  99. class 1e2 ( 3 )

    Valentine Day

    Vacancy to partner at times.
    Abandoned by them too.
    Laborious to patch together.
    Everything has just gone waste in the end.
    Nothing lesser then a thousand times must be said for us to absorb.
    Though we always fall out.
    In the end we will patch together again.
    Nothing could stop us from falling out and patching back again.
    Everything is the same.
    Dainty in every move we take.
    And we will be a normal couple.
    Yeah! We will be a great couple on a special day.

    Pardon me if I choose the wrong words.

  100. chaiminwei_1e2(4)


    Icy in the inside
    Cold in the outside
    Edible on every side
    Cry for it
    Run for it
    Eat it fast
    And you get brain freeze
    My favorite snack

  101. GCYC(12), Class 1E1


    Hatred is the opposite
    Everytime sweet
    A shape of love
    Really does everything
    To give your heart to someone
    Specially your beloved, would be the most touching.

    I really like Li Ying ‘s poem on friends(#36) as it really expresses the way i feel for my friends.The things mention are really what friends do and the poem gives a sort of comfort and pleasant feeling to me.

  102. TYM(39), Sec 1e5


    Second home for us.

    Canteen is always the best.

    Hall the largest.

    Oops, forgot my homework again.

    Ouh-oh, talk too much in class.

    Late people will be punished.

    I like EARTH by brendan. It include the 3Rs rules and also it relate to the next generation.

  103. WARMTH

    W-Wherever i am, I think of that place,
    A-Awaits to reach there as soon as possible,
    R-Ready to enjoy lots of fun there,
    M-Magical discovery awaits there,
    T-Time, lots of time maybe lost there, but it is worth spending,
    H$-Home, is the place filled with warmth and cosiness.

    I like the poem on magician because it relates to to personality of a magician.
    All the poems are very interesting!!

  104. M.A (24) 1E1


    Help us protect from the sun

    And rain too

    This object nice to wear too

    I like the poem about Chaos because it is true that humans are not their usual self when they panic.

  105. CMTC(6)1E4


    High above the clouds where blue birds fly,
    Over the rainbow where thousands of colours shine,
    Peoples’ wishes that weighs a millon pounds hung,
    Ever waiting to be granted.

    I also like the poem’Angel’ by Melissa.I think it is very meaningful.

  106. Music

    makes people relax

    using the melody of its

    sweet little thing which soothe’s people’heart

    ideal thing to do when you are bored

    chasing the dreams of my becoming a musician

  107. O- open sea
    C- calm whan met with dangers
    E- eternity(will always have) / exellent view of marine life
    A- adventures assured
    N- navigation is required

  108. Elmo

    Elmo is a
    Lovable, cute and furry
    Monster who is
    On Every Kid’s minds..
    Love, this one’s dedicated to my all my friends…=DD

    Love Is Complicated Emotion
    One Which Nobody Can Explain, But It Is
    Vivacious And Present In
    Everyone’s Hearts

  109. BANNED

    B- bearing it all
    A- always banned
    N- NO computer
    N- NO handphone
    E- everything in suspense
    D- don’t always control it all

    I like the poem math best as it is very interesting and sometimes I feel the same way.

  110. REBORN

    Born into a new life.
    Obese becomes slim.
    Regain a new hope.
    No problems cannot be solved.

    I think it makes no sense .

  111. WARCRAFTW- War violence everywhereA- Always have beings killedR- Really addictive to we peopleC- Can also make people do silly thingsR- Rage and terror roams the lands A- Apart from violence and anything else F- Far and wide items are found,skills are masteredT- To satisfy your heart’s desire!

  112. LZE (21) Sec 1E5

    C – an’t resist ’em !
    H – eavenly yummy !
    O – ften, it’s a gift to show
    C – aring for one another. Awwww …
    O – utstanding ! Give a medal to the person who invented it !
    L – ove it !
    A – nd treasure
    T – he best candy
    E – ver made

    I like the poem on Freedom by Mrs.V because it makes me feel that I’m really free by just imagining it, as it clearly describes it.
    And the words used are also very creative and cool !

  113. E-Everyone’s home
    A-All of us should do a part in preventing global warming
    T-Time for us to do our part
    H-Hope for the future generations

  114. here’s a poem on LOVER:

    L:Love is sometihng that everyone will enjoy
    O:Ordinary it is when it comes to teenagers
    V: Very interested in finding their lovers
    E: Everyone craves for it but…
    R:Remember, it is not the time yet and studies is the number one piority

    I like the one on FLOORBALL. Its describes the actual situation during the game. Very inspiring for floorball players….. 😛

  115. LKM(21),1E4


    And relaxing place
    Foods are delicious

    I like the poem about the soccer as it says everything that is true about soccer and i also like soccer.

  116. sorry, i got a typing error.

    It’s actually “bands of colours” not “bend of colours”

    please take not


  117. JLXY (13) , Sec 1E4



    C-Came near to me, made me tempted
    H-However bitter it is, it’s simply addictive
    O-Only this can cure depression ,
    C-Crawling back to you,
    O-Once you had your first try .
    L-Love the taste, the feeling of it.
    A-A wonderful candy with different flavours to it,
    T-Thick, dark and melting in my mouth
    E-Everlasting sensation in my tougue .


    Denise ;

    D-Don’t wanna lose you as a friend
    E-Everyday, everywhere, every moment, every second thinking of our memories
    N-Nobody can ever replace you
    I-I will protect you from everyone, everything
    S-Sweet in your own unique style,
    E-Everlasting friendship is all I wish for.

    Dedicated to : Denise Teh 1E4, my beloved friend 😀

    I like Melissa’s poem on “Angel” as it really decribes an angel and about an angel i have in mind.

  118. Jolin Ong Jing Wen (27) 1E5


    K: keep it with you
    E: especially when
    Y: you go out

    I really like the poem on home because that is how i feel about home . Its really interesting to read it.

  119. People uses it to write
    Especially for drawing
    Need to be handled with care
    Can be broken
    In the wrong hands, it can be dangerous
    Long or short, it is still useful

  120. MYP(21)sec 1e3


    Cut the queues!
    Eat the foods!
    Salvage the canteen and….
    Stack the food up into mountain!

    I hav nothign to write in the end so must make up something,….i like hani ‘s poem cuz its very discriptive and funny^_^.

  121. I like SitiNabila’s poem as it was true.


    Not demanding or selfish
    Is always around for her friends
    Kind and helpful
    Keen in everything she does
    Is beautiful inside and outside

  122. NABA(27)Sec 1E3


    Friend are there
    Right when you need them
    In good and bad times
    Enjoying the excitement with each other
    Never get bored
    Doing things together
    Staying true and close to each other forever

    I actually don’t know what to write. So i came out with this topic.
    Anyway i liked the poems that my friends have posted. Everything was great!

  123. Whoever is actually Gary(Cap’n Bob Hatchetback)
    1-E2 (13)

    E-Eagle Eye, the name to remember
    A-Agonizing everything in its way
    G-Going for greater dreams
    L-Locking targets on victims
    E-entertaining themselves
    E-Elevating through levels
    Y-Yachting into currents
    E-Eradicating the source

  124. NN, 27, 1E1

    Dedicated to XinYing aka Polkadotted Froggy. 😀


    eXtremely cute, funny and kind
    Interesting, she never bores
    ‘N Happy Birthday to you, XinYing!
    You are the one who makes us laugh
    In your own unique way
    Nevertheless, she’s everyone’s friend
    o God, please bless this girl.

    130396 ♥ ` Happy Birthday!

  125. Dedicated to Nicolette a.k.a WOOLLY MAMMOTH
    Nice girl
    Loved by all
    Exceedingly sociable
    Turns hyper suddenly sometimes
    Extremely active

  126. NN, 27, 1E1

    Dedicated to XinYing, da Polkadotted Froggy. 😀


    eXtremely cute, funny and kind
    Interesting, she never bores
    ‘N Happy Birthday to you, XinYing!
    You are the one who makes us laugh
    In your own unique way
    Nevertheless, she’s everyone’s friend
    o God, please bless this girl.

    130396 ♥ ` Happy Birthday!

  127. LIFE

    Living in terror and
    In agony while
    Finding the right time to get
    Emotional when life gets too extreme

    I really love the poem MATH because it truly reflects what learning MATH is like.

  128. CANS

    Can contain items which are wet
    And protects the thing inside
    Never allowed damages to be made
    Serves its owner with top priority

    The poems here are great!

  129. LTS (22) 1E4


    Slices things easily
    Wield carefully otherwise a double edged weapon
    Often used to hurt
    Right “gift” for an enemy
    Dangerous if not carefully wield

    Well out of the all the poems the one with deepest impression is the “WOMEN” as it is very funny. >.<

  130. SCHOOL

    S-study, study, study
    C-come back home with a bunch of homework
    H-holiday!When are you coming?
    O-open our brains for new knowledge
    O-onwards we go to achieving our goals
    L-laugh out loud with freinds

    I like LIFE written by Jonas although it is shrot and simple it has a deep meaning

  131. MDS 25 1E4

    I like the freedom poem.It show waht freedom should be.


    Is trying to sleep but
    Not able to sleep
    Someone might try to help you to sleep
    Others wont
    Maybe you will sleep
    Next time but
    In the end you will definitely sleep
    After you consult a doctor that is

  132. JL (14) 1E4
    Flame caused by burning
    Is dangerous if no handled properly
    React with sulphur
    Easily get burned if you play with it

    Mrs V, i do not have an e-mail address.

  133. CMH (7) 1E5


    Big and long
    Utilities for people
    Send us to where we want to go

    I like the poem ‘floorball’. I think the poem is very meaningful, lively, well-constructed and the words used to interpret floorball was appropriate.

  134. LTS (22) 1E4

    Slices things easily
    Wield carefully otherwise a double edged weapon
    Often used to hurt
    Right “gift” for an enemy
    Dangerous if not carefully wield

    No comments

  135. JL (14) 1E4


    Flame caused by burning
    Is dangerous if no handled properly
    React with sulphur
    Easily get burned if you play with it

    The e-mail i anyhow type as i have no e-mail

  136. LTS (22) 1E4


    Slices things easily
    Wield carefully otherwise a double edged weapon
    Often used to hurt
    Right “gift” for an enemy
    Dangerous if not carefully wield


    Teamwork together to get
    Ready for the worst to
    Embark on by
    Not giving up and
    Go for achievement with
    Tactics and be

    I like th poem about peace as it states the way peace is created

  138. I like Irtiya`s poem as it is meaningful and describes the weather nowadays.

    Cheers us up in the clear blue sky
    Lovely and very much beautiful
    Overlooking us from high above
    Under the limitless height of the marvelous sky
    Day and night without fail
    Something that can be seen but not reachable

  139. STRESS

    Take some time to
    Relax and
    So as to

    I like the poem on Strength as it shows the determination.

    S-shining bright and proudly
    T-teeming with life
    A-arriving on earth
    R- Roaming in the sky
    F-falling into my hands
    A-appearing to be tired
    L-leveling in the air
    L-leaving to its own home


    Teamwork togeter to get
    Ready for the worst to
    Embark on by
    Not giving up and
    Go for achievement with
    Tactics and be

  142. This is not well-written, but it is all i can think of… 😦


    Under her smile
    Pretending to be happy
    She cries in her heart
    Except when no one is around
    Then tears will well up in her eyes

  143. Sorry, i did not post the poem ,

    So fun so cool
    Creativity or mundanity
    Here lies
    Learning haven
    (wow i made such a nice poem in seconds)

  144. JWSJ (17) 1e5


    So high up in the sky
    Usually bright during afternoon
    Not available during night time

    i like the one on PEN because it really says about what the pen does

  145. M-mean
    E-easily seduced
    N-not gentlemen

    W-win all the guy’s heart
    M-maid for men
    E-essential to men
    N-nice and wonderful

  146. KSH (17), Sec 1E4


    Home sweet home,
    Only home in earth,
    Me and the peoples,
    Eliminate our enemies.
    Laziness does not exist
    As the people care for their homeland.
    Never had we surrendered,
    Didn’t we promise that united we stand?

    I like FLOORBALL by Ying Jie as he wrote about his experience in floorball and the exciting parts when you are playing floorball. It is also very creative and fresh

  147. WXL (38), SEC 1E4


    Friends that i need
    Really care for rme
    Initially met as strangers
    Everything is so worth it
    Nothing can separate us
    Did wrong, they teach me
    Sad, they comfort me
    Happy always when together
    In times when we succeed
    Past are always memorable

    I like the poem STARS because it is very interesting, as the beginning was talking about how the stars shine all night, and suddenly they are gone when we want to pick them.

  148. KSH (17), Sec 1E4


    National Police Cadet Corps
    Protects the citizens like the police
    Catching criminals are our jobs
    Confirm no good life for the criminals

  149. JSMY (14) 1E3


    Originality produces the freshest idea
    Reign the space around you with creativity
    Independent development of ideas
    Get fun out of the process
    Infinite ideas you could actually have
    Nothing is impossible
    As long as you think out of the box
    Likable your idea could actually be even if you do not think it to be.

    I like the poem on mothers because it describes mothers vividly as in how they loved and cared selflessly for their children.

  150. COOL!

    Word: SECONDARY 1E 4


    4- 4eva Friends(Forever Friends)!

    -From TanYihan, Glenn

  151. People eat it
    It’s delicious

    I like Bill’s poem as it is simple and easy and has creative description on pens

  152. Friends
    Friends are forever
    Right from the start
    I will never
    Ever get into a fight with them
    Not even once in my life
    Days after days we are
    Still the same being best FRIENDS!

    All the poems are quite. I wish I have the whole list if them!

  153. Friends

    Forever as one
    Reaching for goals
    Independent we stand
    Each other who we care for
    Doing what is right
    Striving to achieve our goals

  154. PJM_29_1E3


    Moving in the wide jungle,
    Outside swinging from vines to trees,
    Nibbling on a banana while having a sleep,
    Keeping its balance on the tree,
    Eating fresh fruit and bananas,
    Yelling and screaming all day long.

  155. CYC (8), Sec 1E5


    Raining cats and dogs, tapping on the window pane

    And hammered steadily on the roof

    In the middle of the night,

    Night became cold, I hope everyone will have a dream as sweet as honey

    I like the poem about Moon as it portrays the moon at night, the desriptions used are suitable and it is quite true and the poem and the real moon in the sky at night are quite similar, thus showing its reality.

  156. These are all WONDERFUL poems! I will be checking off your names on my list so that I know who has written in (and can go chasing after the ones who haven’t!). And then when I have time, I am going to read these again and really savour them. It looks like you had fun playing with the words and finding the right ones to fit what you wanted to say. This is a job well done!

  157. EXY (09), Sec 1E5

    Departure of the living
    Eternal farewell to loved ones
    And put to sleep amongst the corpses
    Terrifying as it is
    Help, I am falling into abyss!

    I like the poem on Panther because gives a PANTHER because it gives a good description on the panther and its prey. A good range of words used.

  158. HEROS

    Here for everyone
    Everlasting courage
    Roar till the end
    Only to help people
    Super power

    I like the poem on NPCC by KSH as it talks about the spirits of the police force
    which I totally agree with.I feel that if all policemen believe in this,there will be
    lesser and lesser of crime happening.

  159. Glamorous
    Glamour is what every girl seek for .
    Looking for something which not all can have
    Aiming for something out of reach ,
    Miss , please get back to the reality
    Open your eyes and see , that
    Reality is cruel and harsh
    Open your eyes
    Understand what world you’re living in
    Stop dreaming of being glamorous ’cause not all girl can be .

    i like the poem by yimin from 1e5 as i think the poem makes sense ^^

  160. TanChoonZin – 32 – 1e3 .

    Sister .

    S – She’s the that knows me best
    I – I look at her and tell her that
    S – Aviour in my punishments
    T – that lasts long after hours
    E – Even though i tell her i hate her when we quarrel
    R – Really , i don’t mean it .

    i like the poem on FRIENDSHIP by -SNOWY–x as it really spells out how friendship can be .

  161. EK (9) 1E2


    Plays a mesmerizing tune
    It’ll take you to another world
    And changes the way you feel
    No one will understand the feeling
    Only you will know it inside

    Poem about KEYS. 🙂 Cause i constantly forget to bring my key along.

  162. Title: Flute

    Fluttering sentences people said when a song is played
    Longing for a flutist that will bring melodies alive
    Us brought away by the emotions of the music
    Tough and long journey the flutist had to go through to the complete mastering of skills
    Even the hardship that needs to be gone through could not stop people from being passionate for the melodious instrument

    I like the poem ‘Independence Day’ by Mrs V. It tells people clearly about what it had wanted to express, and the words used has also best described the situation and emotions of people during the time.

  163. ZTXY(40)1E5
    Shining in the dark sky
    That everyone knows
    A very significant thing,
    Reaching everyone’s minds
    i like NICOLETTE&XINYING’s 0ne,as it is dedicated to friendship.

  164. (Cats) C-comfortable to pat A-active and playful T-talks by meows S-small and cute! P.S. Stingray,It’s P-L-A-N-E-T not PLANT! Weird,I liked the poems on death.

  165. ay,(05),sec1e1


    Friends,people you hang ot with
    Running everywhere with them.
    I can never live withiut them
    Even though they can be irritating at times,
    No matter what, friends are friends.
    Different, they might be,
    Still they will be your friends.

    i think dat de poem on friendship by madeline is very nice

  166. FRIENDS

    Friends are special
    Reaching out and giving you that extra hand
    Inside your heart forever
    Enjoy each others company
    Never a bully to another
    Doing everything they can when you are in need
    Share secrets

  167. sleep

    sound and safe
    lying on a nice bed
    extremely relaxed
    extremely comfortable
    perfect with cool air

    i liked the poems on friends by sharon from 1 e5. i like it because it is really about what a friend is.

  168. Basketball

    B-Best to play
    A-Active game
    S-Slimming your body
    K-Kids to play
    B-Best of all
    L-LORD of all sports

  169. Maths

    M-aths, how I hate maths
    A-lgebra, Integers, Ratio, Rate, Percentages…
    T-here is so much to learn!
    H-ad I learn them faster
    S-omeday I will not have trouble with them

  170. Provide you with comfort and needs
    Accompany you when you are lonely
    Reach out their hands for you
    Enriched you with knowledge
    Never-ending love for you
    Teach you the right codes and conducts
    Special companions that we must cherished

  171. here =D

    E – Extravagant landforms
    A – Animals in the pastures
    R – Rotating while no one cares
    T – The cause of nights and days
    H – How people tend to forget

  172. Shuan White

    Snowbording and skatebording Are like surfing and skiing
    High Jump
    Unique trick
    Not as easy to beat

    Hump on snow
    I Dream to be in the olympics
    Eat alots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. Hey im looking for one for a close friend of mine. her name is “Amanda” think one of you guys could make one with that name??


  174. Respect is a lesson that
    Should learn. Respect your
    Elders and to all people, but if we
    Cannot respect to the other one as we can hope
    They respect us

  175. @rachel

    Distant fantasy,
    Realise your future reality,
    Embark on a whole new journey,
    Achieving more than before,
    Making the impossible happen,
    Success then eternal satisfaction.

    hope this is what you want it to mean.

  176. @rachel

    Distant fantasy,
    Realise your future,
    Embark on a whole new journey,
    Aim high,
    Make the impossible happen,
    Success then satisfaction.

    i hope this is what you want it to mean.

  177. here is a nice one on mother

    m- most good and loving person
    o- outstanding is she
    t- taking care of everybody in the family
    h- happy she makes me every moment
    e- endless are her good deeds
    r- rude is she never and she is priceless

    i need an acrostic on trees. plzz help me!!

  178. I dont know any of these people but i wanted to write an acrostic poem! hahah

    Always talking
    Loves being the center of attention
    You cant forget me!
    Super happy
    Acts as if the world revolves around her

    Makes great food
    On her cellphone 24/7
    RAWRR! is her favorite response to questions she wont answer
    Ginny is my fave Harry Potter Character
    A mess when she wakes up
    Never without hand sanitizer

    Super crazy
    Any nickname works for me!
    Lazy when she has to do chores

    My whole name!!

  179. wow there verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good please if you can make a poem about susan thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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