A Nice Surprise

blowing-up-balloons.jpgYou know how it is- sometimes a problem seems really big, and it keeps getting bigger. Like a balloon that you keep blowing air into. And then, just when it seems that the situation has reached its worst there is this big bang. Balloon bursts, problem’s solved. And you wonder what all the fuss was about. This is what happened to me today. One particular kid whom I have been very worried about came up to me on his own steam. This kid has been occupying my thoughts constantly because he is smart and friendly, but for some reason (refer to my policy of not giving away too much information) has not really been a whole lot of fun to teach. I always feel sad when sweet kids lose their way and waste their talents. That is why when he approached me today and said that he was going to do better- both in terms of behaviour as well as studies- I was really pleased. He’s found his way, this young man, and it will be a pleasure to watch him become everything he is capable of being. This is one of the joys of teaching, and even if at the end of the year I have only had a handful of revelations like this, it will still have been worth it!


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