First post-exam day

hangin_around_md_wht.gifHi my sweeties! It was lovely seeing so many of you today. I actually missed you, can you believe that? I’ve realised that hanging around you keeps me young at heart, and when I don’t see enough of you I age too quickly. On the other hand, there is ONE class in particular that is a real trial. In accordance with my policy of not naming anyone, I’m going to be indirect as usual. This class is made up of a mixture of genuinely nice individuals and a handful of attention-seekers who make it dificult for the class as a whole to learn much. I find it really sad that the nice kids don’t have the guts to tell the annoying ones to shut up and let the lessons go on, because it is no coincidence that this is the one class that performs way below its potential in almost every subject. Advice, anyone, on how I can make sure that the nice kids in this class don’t lose out? By the way, the monkey reminds me of a few people I know…


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