Honesty, Swiss Cottage style

I can’t get over the way people think over here, and I’m on the verge of giving up trying. A couple of weeks ago, I was pursing my lips in disapproval upon hearing that ungrateful students had stolen the flags hung outside the hall. I mean- what was the point? So you end up with a flag in your possession. Big deal. Do you know how cheap those things are to buy? What a pathetic loser you’d need to be to steal something put up for decoration. And it’s not even as though the act demonstrated any great skill on the part of the lowdown thief. Yank and run. That’s it. What does he/she want us to do? Applaud?

And then- here’s the part that gets me- I left my umbrella outside the staff room yesterday on a rainy day. It was still there when I checked this morning. Go figure!


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