It was the best of times

It’s been an interesting day in our little corner of the world.  To start off, I was in a bit of a tizzy because I needed to get home early to my little son, who has been having a raging fever for the last three days. Now, there are no lessons during exam time so all of us teachers are scheduled for invigilation while you poor souls sweat over your respective papers. Getting back to my problem- simple matter of readjusting the schedule, you say? Ah! You would be right! But here’s the rub- I had to find another teacher who was willing to swop sessions with me such that I covered his/her invigilation duties earlier in the morning while he/she covered mine later in the day. Therein lay the problem. Anyone noticed Mrs V running all over the school like a headless version of the hapless bird tied to the post in the cartoon in your humanities paper today? No? Well, understandable- you were otherwise occupied.

It was in this atmosphere of rising panic and desperation that one kind soul stepped up to the plate and made the exchange with me. I have a policy of not mentioning any names, so we will refer to this angel of mercy by her initials CTC. There is one little boy today who smiled from the depths of his discomfort because CTC made it possible for his mother to come home quickly. CTC, both mother and child thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

Was it difficult to do what CTC did? Not really. Anyone could have done it. The beauty of the act lay in its immediacy- Yes, I will help you- without missing a beat.


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